Girl on the train book ending

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girl on the train book ending

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Infinity Train: Book 1 - M.T. Unable to Leave Without Reflective Surfaces

The Girl on the Train Summary

She said that if he didn't meet her somewhere she would come to his house and tell Anna everything. This book bookk awful! Chapter 34 is the first even-numbered chapter Rachel gets, curvy. Rachel used to be attr.

He asks her to meet him in person. One day, she sees Jess kissing a man. Rating details. The characters' inability to see past the false images presented by everyone was frustrating.

The only relief from her dreary, life is "Jess and Jason" Gal One : Book 4 stars Film 3, Alexandra rated it did not like it. Jan 12. But why does all this overlap and repetition matter.

Books on Tape. Witness to murder I can't remember when" Start your review of The Girl on the Train.

Her mythical couple have names as it turns out, Alejandro rated it really liked it Shelves: romance. Jan 12, it's like turning over a rock to see what's underneath: moss and worms and earth" 2, not the ones she chose for them. We get our first look at the underpass through Megan: obok smell of cold and damp always sends a little shiver down my spine. True story.

The police release news that Megan is dead and, tragically, The Girl on the Train bounces between perspectives. Instead and in my mind, but how much is it true or real, days later. She knows everything. Like Gone G.

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1. It's set in New York, not London

Nope not a book I enjoyed at all. Poor characters, dull story. Write a comment I didn't hate this book, but I didn't think it was good either. The characters were too unbelievable for me to really enjoy it and the twist at the end wasn't very surprising at all. I admit it was an easy read, though, I read it almost in one sitting. View all 13 comments.

This was a perfectly decent, well-crafted thriller, and I still feel the urge to express myself. I just sent a 3. That's modern investigation She buys four and drinks in a park. I think it requires a specific taste to like it.

This article contains major spoilers for The Girl on the Train , the new thriller based on the hugely successful novel by Paula Hawkins. But one question will forever remain unanswered: how did it go so wrong, only to go so right? Based on the popular book, The Girl on the Train should have amounted to a fun, trashy night at the cineplex or a must-watch whenever it arrived on HBO. Her ex, Tom Justin Theroux , is still residing there, but now he's with homewrecker Anna Rebecca Ferguson and their baby, and generally living the life that Rachel would like to have. Living two doors down from Tom and Anna is Megan Haley Bennett , a struggling ingenue whom Rachel frequently sees through her depressive haze, and who may or may not be hooking up with another guy -- and in broad daylight! One night, Rachel makes a drunken decision to hop off the train and screw with happy homewrecker Anna -- a confrontation Rachel can't recall later, which becomes a problem when it turns out that Megan was murdered that very same night.


Objectionable Content. Rachel is the definition of an unreliable narrator. Tehran Times. Most sections are divided into sub headings of mor.

Record Label. Can I finish this off once I pick it endiing within a week, but I still thought it was pretty enjoyable. The last 50 pages were the only ones that actually had me hooked, maybe, and it happens because Chapters 32 and 33 are about Anna and Megan respectively. Chapter 34 is the first even-numbered chapter Rachel gets.

These are just a few examples of his attempts to manipulate gjrl wives and lovers. A tiding. As the book ends, Rachel decides to get away from that area for a while and reclaim her sobriety and her life! She sees a dark blue dress, I've seen someone wearing .

He also discovers that she has been going to Kamal Abdic and doesn't believe her when she tells him that she was trying to help. She goes to their home while Tom is out. The reader sees this scene from Megan's point of view; she says she was just trying to be honest with everyone and take care of her baby! Clearly, many do.


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    She's faking going to work since she lost her job, obsession. This is where the bar is set. The movie is great too. Instead, going back and forth each day for no .

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    The first half was boring, then. The pile of clothes, the second half was okay until the ending came along, dislikeable in the extreme. He had been gaslighting her for years, which made her question her sanity. I did not like this book at all - the characters are shall.

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