Toasted chocolate coconut chips recipe

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toasted chocolate coconut chips recipe

Coconut Chips | Recipe | Toasted coconut chips, Toasted coconut, Healthy snacks

Save money over the expensive brands and make your own toasted coconut chips! They're an extremely easy snack that just takes minutes to make and have endless flavor possibilities. One of the easiest snacks to make are toasted coconut chips. Literally all you need is a pan, a stove, and some coconut chips. You can adorn them with all sorts of spices to vary the flavor and from start to finish creating the snack takes somewhere around 10 minutes. And then they are crunchy, crispy, and satisfying to boot.
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Cinnamon Coconut Chips

A long time ago I took my kids to Hawaii. I love putting chocolate coconut chips into my peleo granola. They are crispy, ideal guilt-free snack. The weather helped us rearrange our coconuut it rained a lot.

I love the challenge of creating healthy meals for my family and improving our long-term health through diet and a healthy lifestyle. That sounds awesome. Make sure you don't leave the pan unattended when the chips start to brown as they can go from toasted to burnt in a very short time. Thank you for supporting Beaming Recips.

Maybe a chocolate cinnamon one is in order! Table Of Contents. They look so delish. Then I let dark chocolate coconut chips sit for about an hour to soak in the chocolate liquid.

Nutrition Serving Size: 7. Let it sit there for about 3 minutes. Stir and flip the coconut chips. The road is incredibly windy and scenic.

Cinnamon Spiced Pecans. Matt was on a school trip so it was just Becky, Tim. Whisk until sugar is almost completely dissolved-this will take about minutes. My son is a big fan of coconut and his birthday is coming rscipe I plan to make these coconut chips to garnish the birthday cake.

This recipe look foasted. It's recommended you only bake one batch at a time, otherwise baking times can greatly vary and leave you with chewy or burned coconut. Thank you for supporting Beaming Baker. Cooking at a low oven temperature and then letting the tray sit in the oven while it cools is an easy way to dry the chips out.

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These sweet Cinnamon Coconut Chips are the perfect snack or topping for your smoothie or ice cream! They refined sugar free, vegan, paleo, and gluten free! Jaryd hates this little habit of mine. The fun part is, you get happy mail, and you never know what it will be. Sayy whaaa?? One issue I have with life in general is snacking.


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    Dark Chocolate Coconut Chips may not look like much but they are a crunchy, brownie-flavored, healthy snack. Eat them as a nutritious snack, add them to your granola, or use them in baking. A long time ago I took my kids to Hawaii. Matt was on a school trip so it was just Becky, Tim, and me. It was our first real trip together after my divorce and we were really pinching pennies. 😐

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    Welcome to the season of all things salted caramel. I mean, no one should be hiding in a closet, eating these guys. But this year. Then, stealthly sneak to a big squirt of antibacterial in her hands and rub them quickly and vigorously. 👩‍👦‍👦

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