Protein powder hot chocolate recipe

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protein powder hot chocolate recipe

BF Basics: How to Make a Hot Protein Drink - Bariatric Foodie

Protein shakes are the perfect addition to anyone's diet because they provide sustenance, satiate hunger and are low in calories. In addition to making us feel cozy, some studies show that drinking hot beverages provides physiological benefits , such as improving symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections. This year, try whipping up some of these hot protein shake recipes to get your nutritional fix while savoring the comfort of a delicious warm drink. Instead, try pouring your hot protein shake into one of the stemless wine tumblers , perfect for hot and cold beverages. When concocting a hot protein shake, you can use whichever type of protein powder you most enjoy, but some flavors make for better mixers than others. You can indulge in a warm, morning shake with coffee protein powder to get your caffeine and protein fix at the same time.
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Hot Chocolate Protein Shake!

Protein Hot Chocolate (NO Protein Powder!)

Customer reviews are independent and do not represent the views of Myprotein. Heat almond milk and water in the microwave until hot. If you proteun a different brand, please test it out first using a small portion of hot water and protein powder and see if it mixes well. Pin Share.

Ha, even though I grew up in Australia. Adding an egg to a regular hot chocolate recipe not only gives the delicious drink a protein boost, Walden Farms. Myself, it ALSO adds a rich and creamy texture without the need for extra sugar. That makes it healthy.

Protein Hot Cocoa

I use unflavored protein powder in my coffee with unsweetened almond milk…. Notes Keep hot chocolate mix recpie an airtight container. Edited to add: I had a few folks ask me why I do this as opposed to heating up all milk and mixing in protein. Quick buy. That makes it healthy.

I mention how to make hot protein drinks in all of my hot protein drink posts , but there is no one post for how to mix one up, similar to the post about how to mix up triple thick protein shakes using the Triple X method. In this instance I defer to my favorite protein powder analogy: the egg. Protein powder and eggs act a lot alike. A raw egg is a very absorbable form of protein. Same deal with protein powder. The first and most important thing you should know about making protein drinks is what NOT to do with them. Wait…that bears saying a bit louder.


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