10 dollar or less bookstore

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10 dollar or less bookstore

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The year-old San Fernando resident was looking for a copy of Lord of the Flies for his son, as well as possibly something for him and maybe his daughter. There are no bells and whistles, no obscure niche it caters to or quirky name to lean on. It's a bookstore with a wide variety of new and used books and DVDs, all for under ten bucks, like the name says. In September, the company's third outpost opened in Valencia, and the Northridge location moved to new digs on Tampa just down from the Costco. Michelle Schwabe, who co-owns the stores with her husband Greg, says that the quality and variety of the books is what draws people, as well as that real-world experience of going to a bookstore that some still crave.
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Location. $10 or Less Bookstore Tampa Ave Northridge, CA Phone: () Store Hours. Monday - Thursday ampm.

$10 or less Bookstore 1 Year Anniversary

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How to get to Ten Dollar or Less Bookstore ($10 or Less Bookstore) by Bus?

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  1. Anne J. says:

    Thats just highway robbery. I enjoy how easy it is to list something on amazon, cause all you have to do is put in the title and find the product, add price, say some text and pow your done. 🚣

  2. Andrew Z. says:

    Huge difference. My Profile Logout. My Bookmarks. 😘

  3. Jusi Z. says:

    Whether it suffices perfectly or something is leftover is not specified? People also searched: library part time museum books retail receptionist barnes and noble library assistant art full time. Our intuitions about these topics are often better than our pure math skills. Signing up is freeand confidential.

  4. Amy N. says:

    Our stores facilitate a creative and comfortable environment for customers to stock their home libraries at affordable prices as well as enjoy a social experience.

  5. Hugues D. says:

    How to get to Ten Dollar or Less Bookstore ($10 or Less Bookstore) by Bus?

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