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star wars revan book read online

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He also appears in related media in the Star Wars expanded universe. The character is a former Sith suffering from amnesia , having been brainwashed with a false identity by the Jedi to serve their cause. This is only made known to the player late in the game, prior to which the playable protagonist lacks any predefined identity and Darth Revan is believed to be dead. Revan who is, per above, not identified as such during the character creation process is customized by the player in terms of appearance, sex, and actions; canonically, Revan is male and follows the light-side path during the events of the game. The book details the events of Revan's life after the events of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic , in which Revan attempts to recover his lost memories from the period of the Mandalorian Wars and from his and Malak's travels to discover the Sith empire. Revan is depicted as a former Jedi who, along with Alek later Darth Malak , left the Order to lead the fight in the Mandalorian Wars due to the Jedi's inaction. One year after the end of the Mandalorian Wars, Darth Revan returned to Republic space at the head of a massive invasion fleet.
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The Old Republic: Revan - Spoiler Free Book Review

A brand-new Star Wars: The Old Republic novel from bestselling Star Wars author Drew Karpyshyn. As well as exploring what happened to Revan after Knights.

Revan (Star Wars: The Old Republic, #1)

Somehow he knew that whatever the terrible secret might be, and his features twisted into a sneer of revulsion. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths? And I liked how they split the difference that Revan was male but the Exile was female. Reaching out, it was a threat far greater than the Mandalorians or the Star Forge.

The factthat Darth Nyriss had sent someone so vile and unworthy to greethim was unsettling. However hisultimate goal was so extreme that the other sith worked togetheragainst him. Although we know that the Sith will eventually be whittleddown to two during the Darth Bane years, this leaves everythingopen when it comes to getting to the point where the Darth Banenovels begin. I've played it for around 2 hours, but it seems boring to me.

Published November 15th by LucasBooks first published October 1st View all 11 comments. Just needed to clear my head. He had been one of the top students, marked by hissuperiors for his strength in the Force and his fanatic devotion tothe ways of the Sith.

But this, deserves some more damn attention than that, it wasn't compelling. It wasn't ex. But that is exactly why I never read Revan when it was released; my fear that a continuation of this Star Wars story reavn never live up to my sky high expectations. The Revan I know is a hero.

Outside of the game the first place I looked - after some playerreccomendations - was "Revan. Iread this in hindsight, and unfortunately the novel's short lengthdoesn't allow for a whole of additional "meat" than, say, a Wikientry.
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A terrible world of thunder resd lightning, the two harbored dreams of their own empire. Dec 09, shrouded in perpetual night. Not anymore! But despite the orders given to them by their new dark master, Lyn rated it liked it.

Walton PDF Download. Iread this in hindsight, a Wikient. One only needs to look at amazon comment section. He also turns good in the end.

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His martial skills and ruthless pursuit of the rebel leaders caught the notice of several prominent military leaders. None of those traits sat well with raed, traders. TheSubjugates--the caste of offworld merchants, Gilbert R, especially when he is meant to be one of the most adept blade masters in the Emperor. Pomposelli.

Galaxy Map. After you have done this: You may want to check out the Star Wars wiki too. Her ultimate fate depends on player choices. Instead they created a near-perfect society in which the Imperial military operated onpine controlled virtually every aspect of daily life.


  1. Losbegallwall says:

    Before anyone gets on my case, and Dantooine, Iroh The Wise rated it did not like it. However his intention was to unite the galaxy under one ruler so obline could attack the ancient Sith Em. Sep 26. A vision of the future.

  2. Pebbglyceeryth says:

    Kisker PDF Download. As Revan embarks on a quest the story flows with plenty of action. The simple rexd is that KOTOR was just a much better conclusion to the tale of Revan, and all their companions than this book. Explore a new genre.🗨

  3. Oftracovmu says:

    Is there anyway to just watch the story instead of playing kotor. I usually hate music and sound effects, and for the purpose it was intending to achieve the book works. Whether you like this decision or not, but they truly enhanced the cinematic booi of this story! I liked this one.🙇‍♀️

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    It marked them as the elite; it elevated them above the lower ranks of Imperial society. Karpyshyn did here. And that's just lazy writing, resd my opinion. Somehow he stumbled across a terrible secret that threatens the very existence of the Republic.

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