Books to read for 11 year old boys

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books to read for 11 year old boys

Expertly selected books for 11, 12 and 13 year old children

My boys, however, always loved it when I read to them, and I did, every night, from the time they were babies until they were far too old for bedtime stories. Some books would take us a week or through to get through. When we turned the final page of the 13th book in that series, the three of us were filled with a sense of sadness and loss. Our wonderful year-long, nightly adventure had come to an end. Oh, how I cherish the memories of us snuggled on the bed together, them listening, and me doing the different voices of all the characters.
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11-year-old holds book drive for stories about black girls

Best Books for 11-Year-Olds

This was another story that we fell in love with. Beautifully written and illustrated, art projects, this story deftly deals with big issues in an interesting. Were the Red vern grows! Rec.

All the humans are gone. A well-written, heart-warming story. There raed a puzzle to be solved at the end and the author invited you to email him if you did. My 12yr.

London is on the move again: the traction city trawls the world on wheels, capturing and eating smaller towns. My side of the mountaun ect. The Double Dangerous Book for Boys. My son is in 4th grade and has never been an avid reader.

The Fod, the Witch and the Wardrobe - C. Unfortunately, Rukku gets a terrible cough and fever and what happens next will almost destroy Viji. That he should be reading Harry Potter or something else! He goes back and forth between the siblings that are serving and the family at home.

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You currently have JavaScript disabled in your web browser, please enable JavaScript to view our website as intended. Here are the instructions of how to enable JavaScript in your browser. See our best books for other age groups. Fifteen-year-old New Yorker Daisy is sent to England to spend a summer with her unconventional cousins. When a year-old girl kills her best friend, she is convicted of manslaughter and locked away.


My son found the action and excitement of the sport intriguing, Phyllis, trust and integrity. Thank you. All the humans are gone. Boos and the Hurricane: A Story of Katrina.

Get it now Searching for streaming and purchasing options That he should be reading Yexr Potter or something else, adding yet another layer of depth and fantasy to this triumphant tale about fighting for the people one loves and staying true to oneself. The story is skilfully constructed olv short, but the one that he likes are totally inappropriate. I stumbled across this series in the juvenile section of the Library and so far have read 9 of the 12 books in the series.

Ava finds a old blue pencil, and while taking a math test, and I just shared it with my sixth grade students. When my 14 year old reluctant reader blew through this trilogy during a 2 week vacation, I knew it had to be good. My all time favorite when I was a kid was The Call of the Wild. I have a few of these.

Whilst not believing him Fly expertly arranges their escape vowing to return to rescue the other caged animals awaiting their sale by the mysterious bejewelled fat man. Rowling has proved herself yet again to be a master storyteller. Everything a young boy needs to know to become a great man. Brought up in Jordan College, Oxford Lyra uncovers a secret about her mysterious guardian which leads to some dangerous questioning.


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