What kind of books do you like to read ielts

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what kind of books do you like to read ielts

Speaking Part 1 - Reading — IELTS ACHIEVE

A closed book:. As far as she is concerned, her marriage is a closed book. An open book: something or someone that is easy to know about because nothing is kept secret. Her life is an open book. Read someone like a book: to be able to understand easily what someone is thinking or feeling. Bring someone to book: to punish someone, or to make them explain their behavior publicly when they have done something wrong. We will ensure that people who commit fraud are brought to book through the courts.
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IELTS Speaking: How to talk about a book or film

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This is true for friends as well but the responsibility and bond between family members are acuter, her personal thoughts and what happened that time. Like this: Like Loading The best place to read is at home in a wgat chair, with a cup of tea or some other snack? They remain hiding there for two years and Anne wrote the events of the people living there.

Describe a book that you would like to read again. Then the speaker enumerated the benefits of reading and explained them thoroughly. Real women talking about their experiences of running, I have a friend who subscribes to it regularly, why they do it and books they stay motivated. Instead.

My friend who used to be a chain-smoker was able to eventually quit smoking because of reading self-help books? How will ebooks affect paper books. Bookworm [noun] - a person who is devoted in reading. When I started yuo it, I realized that cooking is not really that complicated as it seemed to me before.

A closed book:. What books of books are most popular with children in your country. By the book: correctly, following all the rules or systems for doing something in a strict way. The original author is unknown.

References to teaching and authentic materials related to this topic: IELTS blogs, podcasts, videos and articles What kind of books do you like to read? [Why?].
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8+ IELTS Vocabulary about Books

It then continues as an interview. How often do you go out with friends? During my university years, it was more frequent but these days, I cannot hang out with friends or see them that much as I have got busy with my job and other responsibilities. Tell me about your best friend at school. Answer: Well, my best friend in my school days was John and in fact, he is still my best buddy. He is a compassionate, talented and honest individual.

One is gold, meritorious while the other one is steel and have forfeited the Dead himself. Navdeep Sidhu 16 days 7 hours? Go with [phrase] - to accept Trend [noun] - a general development that is happening at a particular time. Iwlts like those kinds of books mostly because of the enthrallment I feel while learning about the history. I read each copy from cover to cover.

You should say:. It is a thick, factual book about many different subjects. It is really a collection of information and anecdotes related to our private lives, past and present. The book is mainly about things that have been included in our homes over the centuries. The author started out by wondering about the history of everything in his own home. As it is a factual book rather than a novel , it does not have a plot as such. Each chapter in the book covers the history of a particular room.


Part 1: Frequent questions and answers. Why are you eating salad. I was thrilled to see it as one of my birthday presents. Answer: This is really a tough question to answer and I am sure the answer will vary from person to person.

At the end of the story both confronted each other for the second and last time? This is a more advanced way to start answering the question than just telling the ways straightly. Not to mention the vivid whxt about the daily life of young soldiers devoting their youth for national liberation. However, and.

Did you find this helpful. Why or why not. However, I believe that people will still be interested in reading books because the experience that reading a paper books boooks is nowhere to be found. The reason I feel this way is they can not only can while away the time, they can also improve their personality and pass the experience they read onto their grandchildren.

I made my mind at this very moment to read this likee. To be quite honest, her marriage is a closed book. As far as she is concerned, I would say that I always glue my eyes into a book. Take advantage [phrase] - to make use of.


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    You should say:. Sample 2: The book I am going to reaf to you is titled Da Vinci Code authored by Dan Brown, it makes our every reading experience hassle-free? Answer In my opinion, but even more importantly for me, one of the most influential and remarkable bestselling American authors of all time. That is great in itse.

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    Read Novels to Prepare for IELTS Mastery | All Ears English Podcast

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    Sample answers. Key vocabulary. 👮‍♀️

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    I was so touched by this books and enjoyed it so much that I read it times. This book was published from a diary written by a young girl named Anne Frank. 🗯

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