Byung chul han la sociedad de la transparencia pdf

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byung chul han la sociedad de la transparencia pdf

La Sociedad de la transparencia – Territorio, Cultura y Patrimonio

He received his doctoral degree at Freiburg with a dissertation on Martin Heidegger in In , he joined the Department of Philosophy at the University of Basel, where he completed his Habilitation. In he became a faculty member at the HfG Karlsruhe, where his areas of interest were philosophy of the 18th, 19th and 20th century, ethics, social philosophy, phenomenology, cultural theory, aesthetics, religion, media theory, and intercultural philosophy. Han's current work focuses on transparency as a cultural norm created by neoliberal market forces, which he understands as the insatiable drive toward voluntary disclosure bordering on the pornographic. According to Han, the dictates of transparency enforce a totalitarian system of openness at the expense of other social values such as shame, secrecy, and trust. Until recently, he refused to give radio and television interviews and rarely divulges any biographical or personal details, including his date of birth, in public. He claims that they are not "infections" but "infarcts", which are not caused by the negativity of people's immunology, but by an excess of positivity.
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Byung Chul Han. La Sociedad de la Transparencia. La Sociedad Porno.

PDF | On Mar 1, , Emilio del Carmen López and others published Byung-​Chul Han. La sociedad de la transparencia (Barcelona: Herder, ), 95 pp.

La Sociedad de la transparencia

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