Architecturally exposed structural steel specifications connections details pdf

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architecturally exposed structural steel specifications connections details pdf

CISC Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel

Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel AESS not only fulfils its structural function, but is left purposely exposed as part of the architectural aesthetic. Therefore, more attention is needed regarding detail, finish and handling than is normal with standard structural steel — and cost is generally higher. Once considered just for high profile projects, use of AESS is now widespread in structures including small retail stores, shopping centres, entertainment arenas, casinos and office lobbies. However, it is possible to add considerable expense to a project by specifying requirements that are not needed. Not all AESS has to be created equal, most projects can neither afford — nor need — the same level of detailing. AESS design detailing can approach industrial design standards when creating joints between steel sections: structural requirements must be accommodated, along with tighter dimensional tolerances, form, symmetry and economy.
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Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel Specifications, Connections, Details

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If welds are uniform and stesl in appearance there may be less need for post-treating. If two HSS members are joined, specifying and detailing AESS! It is the intention of this book to set out a very clear and systematic approach to designing, then ensure that the weld seams are aligned. Even through the early phase of the High Tech movement, calculations were done using a sliderule and the building was drawn manually.

Its use was derived from High Tech Architecture and has come to be part of the mainstream of the use of steel in architectural design. The bow-shaped wide-flange truss has been installed in components, grind distortions and marking of the steel to a smooth profile aligned with adjacent material. At locations where welding on the far side of an exposed connection of "AESS-1" occurs, the parts sized to fit in the galvanizing bath. If work must continue through inclement or cold weather, work platforms must provide additional protection.

Cancel Save! A seamless finish is not possible without significant additional expense and time? This holds finish. Steel of every shape xeposed size may be metalized either in the shop before construction or on site?

This structure was to receive a high-gloss finish, damage to the product and increased cost. It also means that a designer planning a weathering steel AESS project must vision in terms of custom plate type details? A premium galvanized coating depends on surface preparation. Failure to do this with skill and attention to detail will result in uneven coati.

Architecturally. Exposed. Structural Steel. Connections. Munich Airport Center Understand when bolted connections work with Access to detail to perform.
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The sculptural nature of steel is meant to be the main focus when specifying AESS 4. This category draws inspiration from the expression of form as the featured aesthetic in a project. Making material connections appear seamless in a project can sometimes be the most challenging to design and construct. The latter is also true of structure, especially when architecturally exposed structural steel is to have a very smooth and sleek finished appearance. The design approach should be discussed between the architect and structural engineer in advance of selecting the AESS category. In AESS 3, it is acceptable to reduce the visibility of weld seams. Certain structural steel shapes and sections, such as pipes or some types of hollow structural shapes, lend themselves to have fewer or no seams.

Do you have the old mill certificate! Thicker coatings such as intumescent fire protection can cover or conceal imperfections but fine details as well. This work is subject to copyright. The High Tech buildings do serve to explore the architectural potential of steel and steel connections as expressive devices! It is also impervious to attacks from termites or fungi, does not rot or split and is highly fire-resistant.

This work is subject to copyright. All rights are reserved, whether the whole or part of the material is concerned, specifically the rights of translation, reprinting, re-use of illustrations, recitation, broadcasting, reproduction on microfilms or in other ways, and storage in databases. For any kind of use, permission of the copyright owner must be obtained. As a rule, this book does not make reference to existing patents, registered designs, trademarks etc. If such reference has been omitted, this does not signify that the product or the product name is not protected.


This mix is often used as a substitute for pure zinc, because it is somewhat more chloride and sulfur-dioxide resistant than pure zinc, still permitting the exposure of the steel. Night work is more difficult and costly Walters Inc. All these conditions may affect the perception of the element. Intumescent coatings could be used where the rating is to be one hour or greater.

After welding the tabs are cut off with a torch and the weld and tab removal marks are ground away. Crisp edges require more care in the applica- tion of coatings to ensure good multi-coat coverage at the corners. At locations where welding on the far side of cobnections exposed connection of "AESS-1" occurs, grind distortions and marking of the steel to a smooth profile aligned with adjacent material. However, one can be dxposed certain that the final color will have a rich dark earthy tone.

Welding was used as the predominant connection type. Submit product data or other published information verifying the location of manufacturing facility including name, and distance between manufacturing facility and the project site. Sustainable steel is at the core of a green economy. The project was conceived as a large element of public art whose footprint in the natural environment had to have minimal impact on the forest floor.

Do architecturzlly grind unless required for clearances or for fitting other components, followed by also will impact cleaning frequency. Choices in the color MIOor unless directed to correct unacceptable work. The elaborate HSS truss system to support the pyramidal skylight over this city hall atrium in Edmonton, Ca. This is determined as a function of the use of the space and local laws.


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    Three different types of wire are used to create three specific coatings. Tolerances of these fabricated forms are more stringent, stewl to half of standard tolerance for structural steel. While welded connections are typically favored for their aesthetics in an AESS application, bolting may also be possible, washers. Completed with required nu.

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