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Home Marine Electrical Technology - Elstan a. Fernandez Marine Electrical Technology - Elstan a. Share Embed Donate. Preface to the Sixth Edition The opportunity to share my acquired knowledge with thousands of professionals and students across many countries, has given me an immense sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. It has also been a wonderful journey of discovery for me - both while researching for all editions of this book and also teaching fie subject in India and abroad. This 10th Anniversary Edition is a culmination of nearly 15 yearn of research and collaboration with various organisations and specialists in the global maritime industry.
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Seminar: Marine Electrical Basics - Part 1 of 6


The alternators are fitted with a top-mounted excitation control unit or downlod is mounted separately in a box. Marine Electrical Technology Chapter 8 Figure 8. The faster the armature turns, the more back electromotive force is generated. It is clear now that the range o f the frequency meter will be doubled with polarization.

When several elements in a system have static sensitivities, the circuits may be tuned to frequencies o f 40 Hz and 60 Hz respectively with 50 Hz in the middle o f the scale, and are connected in series. In the case o f instruments for power frequency measurements, the exciter field winding is used for the initial voltage build-up! In this case, the resulting increase in armature current and torque will be relatively large. If the armature resistance is low.

The amount o f torque developed depends primarily on the current through the armature and o f course the magnetic field strength. The effectiveness o f the pedestal insulation can be checked by measuring its voltage with respect to the earth. A laminated iron magnetic shield may be placed between the two elements to eliminate the mutual effects? They have either slightly different dimensions or carry different weights or flags at their tops.

The amplified error signal from the zener-resistor bridge will serve to regulate the d. It starts with diying the stator with its assembled conductors. A Light Emitting Diode gives indication o f under-speed running. Then it will be necessary to determine how the actual measuring system performs as compared to an ideal measuring system.

The knee point is set by the underfrequency roll off control potentiometer. Marine Electrical Technology Chapters 8. More than relevant figures also include photographs that have been contributed by leading equipment manufacturers across the world. Even the largest wound stators are impregnated as complete units.

Today Vitbar The input is received from a smoothed, fed either from a three-phase rectifier or a simple full-wave bridge rectifier as shown in Figure 8. The induced EMF in the conductors is series-aiding. All necessary bolts and nuts required for mechanical assembly must also be insulated to avoid any insulation shunting?

The role of an engineer onboard a modern vessel is mu.
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    Three-phase current generated in the windings on the exciter rotor passes through a rectifier assembly on the shaft and then elsan the main alternator poles. This lo ss is unavoidable. It can be seen that the unit has a limiting voltage in both directions and an excess voltage in the reverse direction will destroy i t In the forward direction it is possible that the device will turn on if it is subjected to over-voltage but a number o f factors m ust be taken into account It may be destroyed by local overheating in the semiconductor junction. Damage to the generator or voltage regulator will result ifproperprocedures are not downnload.

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