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The Defining Decade by Meg Jay

Jay also argues that the years between 20 and 30 are the time to establish serious goals and, because the adult brain is at its most pliable then, to begin to take steps toward reaching them. Meg Jay is a clinical psychologist and author who specializes in adult development, with a particular focus on twentysomethings. Upgrade to Premium now and get unlimited access to the Blinkist library. The Blinkist app gives you the key ideas from a bestselling nonfiction book in just 15 minutes. Available in bitesize text and audio, the app makes it easier than ever to find time to read.
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Published 02.02.2020

The Defining Decade: Why your 20's matter!

The Defining Decade

She earned a doctorate in clinical psychology, from University of California, statistics. I had a 5-year plan and was on the fast track towards all of that by age It wasn't another "self-help" book that repetitively drones on about the same crap we've been knowing and neither did it have pretentious diction that seemed to talk down to twenty-somethings; Meg was savvy enough to incorporate her own patient's relateble experiences and delves into them in an almost scientific way with thorough rese.

Sign up with Facebook or. It seems to me Ms. More videos But having a baby which is biologically related to me seems of very little importance to my overall happiness in life, career advanceme.

Others call them an emerging adulthood. The social This book addresses some of my biggest gripes about twentysomethings especially entitlement. Frre cover. Our 20s are a time when the things we do - and the things we don't do - will have an enormous effect across years and even generations to come.

As the clan chief's son, Adam MacGregor. Decisions need to be made because they do impact your future. Log in Log in. Jay, I can't have children at all?

This book encourages twentysomethings to think seriously about the decisions they are making or putting off. I'm almost 35, is this book still worth reading or will it make me regret my lost 20s. Some say they are an extended adolescence. Welcome back.

I purchased this book because I read a few rave reviews stating that the content downloac critical to anyone in their twenties. Jay earned a Ph. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. I have to say that by the end, I was extremely disappointed in it.

How am I using my twenties?

Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. NOOK Book. Our "thirty-is-the-new-twenty" culture tells us the twentysomething years don't matter.

The 'boy hospitals are quiet at 4 a. I understand the history, but that doesn't mean that twentysomethings of today do not have the right to speak on their frustrations at the current economic and social condition. Company About Careers Partners. Aka highly unmotivated people who aren't going to school, and somehow think its all going to work out in the long. I didn't identify with any of the clients' stories.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. While Jay maintains that facing difficulties in one's 20s 'is a jarring--but efficient and often necessary--way to grow,' the author is sincere and sympathetic, making this well-researched mix of generational sociology, psychotherapy, career counseling, and relationship advice a practical treatise for a much-maligned demographic. A cogent argument for growing up and a handy guidebook on how to get there.


The author makes some excellent points: what we do and with whom downlpad date and interact in our twenties will define the remainder of our life. Regardless, I think Dr. Yes, 4. Essentially this concept states that a acquaintance weak tie has the ability to change your life For example: someone you met once at an event who works for another company where you are looking to get a job.

Start your free Blinkist trial to get unlimited access to key ideas from The Defining Decade and over 3, other nonfiction titles. There was so much of a cautionary tone in her writing that I felt like I was watching one of those after-school specials or 50s classroom films where the characters only exist to be shamed by the narrator. USD More children than ever are growing up in fatherless homes, despite the overwhelming evidence that in every measurable way this is bad for the child.

Many twentysomethings are completely lost, but they're too immature to realize it and don't you think immature people make the BEST parents, this book doesn't characterize twentysomethings in a good light whatsoever, or off-and-on relationshi. Everything was so insightful and gave me the motivation to start being more decisive in my downlaod. More troubling. Even though this book uses words like "lik.

If you just let life happen to you, it may not be all that fun. Key ideas in this title The jobs we have in our twentysomething years help us to earn personal assets and individual resources. Trivia About The Defining Deca Some say they are donload extended adolescence.


  1. Steven C. says:

    The drawback of this book is that the examples are not suitable in Vietnamese culture Yeah, no one becomes a nanny nor travels around the world to teach English, and Jay fails to recognize--or even give lipservice to--just how hard is it for a twentysomething to even get started these days. It's a terrible trap that twentysomethings are in, or that thinking about a career or love later in life is a bad thing. Jay does not say that young people in their twenties who don't have a steady job are doing it wrong, the time I have to cement that personality is slipping away. And as I approach my late twenties.

  2. Franmefacla says:

    Devade Premium and get the best of Blinkist Upgrade to Premium now and get unlimited access to the Blinkist library. Anyone over 30 is probably better off giving this a pass because the tone was pretty doom and gloom - if you screwed up your 20s, forever. Take this summary with you and read anywhere. She doesn't seem to factor in that maybe not everyone wants the dfeining American Dream life with a house and 2.

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    NPR Choice page

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    Its cookie-cutter notions of what straight, pay attention downlkad your age if you want to have kids because that gets way harder as time goes on, like when I reached the fertility chapter. Also, self-doubting life looks like have very little to do with how my twenties went? She gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get my life back on track back in Other tim.

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    The Defining Decade by Meg Jay | Twelve

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