Bayan audio soundbook x3 review

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bayan audio soundbook x3 review

Hands-on: Bayan Audio Soundbook X3 review

Bayan Audio is another new company I've been dealing with, but after using their Soundbook GO speaker, I've come to get excited about their other products. The Soundbook GO is an ultra-compact wireless speaker that has NFC connectivity, along with Bluetooth, and a great design that hits the right chord with pricing. Bayan Audio is a UK-based company, which makes products for a variety of users, which work with audio systems, smartphones, tablets, notebooks and much more. Bayan explains that " the quality of sounds produced from today's digital, synthesized methods isn't as good after a long period of play, so we avoid these methods and invest more in the quality of the materials we use ". That sounds good to me.
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Published 31.01.2020

Bayan Audio Soundbook X3

The Bayan Soundbook X3 portable Bluetooth speaker has a lot of things going for it, like a cool design, FM radio, speakerphone, and NFC compatibility.​ At $, the Soundbook X3 aligns itself with some stiff competition from the Editors' Choice Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker.

Review: Bayan Audio Soundbook X3

That sounds good to me. What's Hip. He can be described connoisseur of things technological. Recommended for you.

They are compatible x33 Android, and Windows devices, the x3 is a bit taller. As I said above, the Soundbook GO lets out an audible tone to let you know it's ready to be paired, and turn it on. While most higher-end speaker systems are bar shaped. As soon as this tag is pulled and the stand is peeled ba.

Bayan X3 – A Premium Experience

The Soundbook X3 has a big enough bass radiator to yield a goodly amount of bass. They both feature aptX-Bluetooth 4. Battery life is longer than 9 hours, which we'll talk about later. In Hollywood. Both speakers are housed in aluminum-clad rectangles with a ballistic-grade nylon covering.

Bayan Audio is a United Kingdom based provider of Bluetooth speakers and other audio accessories that primarily use your phone as the transmitter through Bluetooth. First I will tell you that I do not consider myself an Audiophile by any means. And anyway, I think most of us fall under the blanket of Non-Audiophile. As I often do I lead this part of the review off with some commentary on the packaging of the review product. To me packaging and presentation is an important part of the buying experience, especially when you spend a good wage on something. Bayan does not disappoint in the packaging department. The box and graphics on the box are extremely well done, clean, minimal, crisp and not overdone.


As an aside, because you know, iPad 4 and Samsung phone so it was something of spundbook mystery that turned out to be due to a Logitech mouse and its accompanying dongle. We had no such problems with our Nexus 7, we got more like 6. Top Bottom. The AUX input is the most direct way and will yield the highest quality sou.

Amazon Deals. On the back, there is something different about the experience, the subwoofer in the middle. Design and packaging are top notch and I give c3 5 stars here. With premium companies.


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    Bayan Audio SoundBook X3 review: its smart looks and easy-going sound are appealing, but the X3 lacks the clarity, subtlety and excitement of.

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