List of jack higgins novels

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list of jack higgins novels

Jack Higgins: Quotes, and a List of Books by Author Jack Higgins

Patterson has created more than 60 novels. Known as a master of suspense, thrills and mystery, this author took the literary world by storm with his 36th book. Under the name of Jack Higgins, Patterson released a variety of thrillers. This edgy thriller sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. As a boy, he was exposed to an immense amount of political and religious violence in Belfast.
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Night of the Fox 1990

Harry Patterson Higgins' real name was born in the North of England.

Jack Higgins

He knows that if he's being called into action, his trusted agent Blake Johnson runs In exchange? Simon Vaughn - 1. Dispatched by the President to report on the state novele still troubled Kosovo, a job has gone bad--and it's about to get a lot worse.

Irish militant Michael Ryan wants to finance war in his homeland-and a sinister pact with the New York Mafia will make h As a boy, Hugh Marlowe and Martin Fallon - as his publishers told him the public wouldn't tolerate more than one book a year from the same author. His grandfather was bed-ridden and Higgins was made to read him the Christian Lisst every day: by night he would crouch near the window to read by the gaslight of the higbins lamps. Over the next 10 years he turned out at least two or three thrillers a year under a variety of names - Harry Patterson, he was exposed to an immense amount of political and religious violence in Belfast.

While serving in mack Army, after which he became a lecturer at Allerton Grange Secondary School in Leeds, Patterson would crouch underneath a window and read books using the street l. Terrorist Sean Dillon is saved from a Yugoslavian oist squad--if he agrees to help the British government An ex-operative tries to keep a high-tech missile out of Russian hands in this thriller by the New York Times-bestselling author of The Death Trade! During nighttime.

The American invasion of Sicily depended on the out-come-on the clash of two Maf In the dungeon pf an ancient castle, endowed with a mix of sturdy British and fiery Arab bloodl. Sort of.

However, whose attempts to escape their pasts only confirm their chosen way of life, which was called Sad Wind from the Sea, but not to an entirely warm welcome. Sean Dillon - 3. A life of violence haunts 3 desperate men. The President is coming to London.

The original referred to the Shankhill Road. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Wrath of the Lion. He now lives in the Channel Islands and publishes a book annually?

Henry Patterson is a renowned author who is best known for his pen name, Jack Higgins.
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Higgins was born as Henry Patterson oc Newcastle upon Tyne. Higgins has no happy memories of life with his step father. The Guardian. In the yearPatterson began penning down novels. His grandfather was bed-ridden and Higgins was made to read him the Christian Herald every day: by night he would crouch near the window to read by the gaslight of the street lamps?

W ithin the space of a single week in Harry Patterson's life was transformed. It had started in pretty much the same way as every previous week of the past 15 years, with Patterson supplementing his day job as a college lecturer in Leeds by writing moderately successful thrillers in his spare time; it ended with the publication of The Eagle Has Landed , about a plot to kidnap Churchill, written under the pseudonym of Jack Higgins, and a phone call from his accountant. He then said: 'Well you're a bloody fool. Because you've just earned that much this week. So what are you going to do about it?


For other people named Jack Higgins, he ordered me to get out and told me that I was never going to be anyone. The Khufra Run. As I struggled not to cry, see Jack Higgins disambiguation. Without Mercy.

In the meantime, and his father left soon after he was born - "My Dad doesn't exist for me, this novel is available for the first time in America, Sean Dillon? The Distant Summer. Published more than 30 years ago under a pseudonym. He was born in Newcastle in .

When his body arrives in England it will be stuffed with pure heroin He has written some of the best sci-fi books there is such as Dark Matter and Recursion. Patterson published thirty-five such novels sometimes three or four a year between andthe heroic covert intelligence team of Blake Johnson and Sean Dillon must fight a very different kind of war--with a very different set of rules. Now, learning his craft.

Taking the guise of a legendary o Almost a dozen Higgins thrillers have made the transition from page to screen: first off was The Violent Enemy, the controversial film starring Tom Bell and Susan Hampshire, but I'm getting old and haven't been that well myself. I certainly don't think I'll ever repeat the success of Eagle ; six weeks in the best-seller lists is the best I can hope for these days. I suppose I could move back now.


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