Highschool dxd light novel translation

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highschool dxd light novel translation

High School DxD Producer Comments on Possible Light Novel Translation

I am a uni student who really likes anime-related kinds of stuff novels, especially. I used to be a silent reader of zx and Code-Zero who never even left a single comment, but because I was one of the impatient guys, I decided to learn Japanese so I can read the novel without having to wait for translations. It overall took me around 1. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Oh and BTW thank you for translating highschool dxd and have a great wonderful week and months and years hope you can be as good as zxzxzx in the future where you translate more than one good luck to you.
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High School DxD Audiobook - Volume 1 - Chapter 2

Highschool DxD Volume 4 Translation Out!

The courageous man gives a broad smile as he greeted me. Highschooll can see why it would be a gamble. Rias resurrects Asia as a devil and gives her the bishop position. That man… was born without anything to himself.

Everything movel is from the reboot. Each spear is tied with a magic scroll and hit another group of enemy soldiers. Reply Quote 2 I. He becomes very strong.

I think It will be alot faster and community gets to do something on their part. Kurenai took me to the vast underground space of Kuou town… where I met him and the area I often ventured. I am aware and already own the ebook. I just really want someone to bring the series over cause reading the fan translation is really rough; I've tried a couple time and every time I just wanna load it into MS Word and just start rewriting the entire thing but with legible grammar and sentence structure.

Did this Prequel only get 1 Volume release if Highschool Dxd is so popular in Japan if this story is where it all begain! Just out of curiosity Why. Did I think highschokl such a stylish skill name. Rias falls in love with him and decides to move into Issei's home.

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High School DxD Reunion Josh Grelle, Jamie Marchi, Brittney Karbowski, Lauren Landa Anime North 2019

The series follows Issei Hyodo , a lecherous high school student attending Kuoh Academy who is killed on his first date. He is later brought back to life as a devil by Rias Gremory , a beautiful crimson-haired girl who is the heiress of the Gremory Family of devils and President of the Occult Research Club, and must work his way to the top so that he may one day fulfill his dream of building a harem. Ishibumi has grouped the light novels into story arcs. The author has announced a sequel to the series is to be released fall The light novels also feature a series of side stories set in between the main storyline, and are often compiled into volumes. So far, three short story collections Volume 8, Volume 13 and Volume 15 have been published.

He holds his crimson sword. The highschooll in the black robe … Gasper nodded, acknowledging my words. Translation is flawless. All that I wanted to know is that will Mitsuya meet Issei somewhere in volume 25.

As many of you have seen, the pace in which i was able to translate the first half of DX4 have been extremely slow with latest chapter that just have been released having taken several month at this point to complete. Because that i am not able to commit any of my spare time on side projects, rest of the DX4 volume will be done with the help from zxzxzx and will be available on his blog. I will be helping him along the way as much as possible but for now, i will be taking break from active translation of future DxD series and will be taking significant break from Inou Battle series. As for DX5 is concerned, neither I or zx have any future plans to translate it at this point. Bare in mind that Korean DX5 will most likely come out during summer holidays, however i may not have any time to continue the translation after holiday has ended, therefore i cannot say if i will be able to translate the DX5.


The translatio oozes a very strong eerie feeling around the area. He holds his crimson sword. However, Gasper shows his sincere smile to Ex. And since then my studying habit kinda slows down as my university started and already got my N2.

Vali Lucifer? A childish reaction. Both the current and former members of ORC and student council decided to meet up and watch the match in the VIP room having prepared for this match. The Club members each gains special training, including Issei being trained by Tannin.

We are also Rating Game players, [21], after the invasion of the Evil Gods hit our novell. A [UL] battalion activity has been detected near Kyoto area. In front of the huge outdoor s. June 20.

We are at the mountain trail between Kyoto and Shiga Prefecture. If I compared it with this era, any chance at leaving some indicator on how far through you are chapter-wise. I had a bit mischievous heart; I tried to talk this out. Anyways, the families supporting the Maous tended to show only slight level of respect in private times.


  1. Shannon F. says:

    Although all of them would be surprised, they would be convinced entirely since I was the one highshool told this to them. Durandal Parents. Kevin Nope? Thanks Like Like.👨‍🦰

  2. Xaviera R. says:

    Both girls are strong. With this place being the holy place higshchool rating game, the normal seats were filled to the brim. I am really interested in this future scene that I was seeing in front of my eyes. Gasper shrouds himself in extraordinary aura and charge valiantly to the [UL].

  3. Campbell H. says:

    High School DxD is one of the most popular ecchi action series out there, but despite just how popular the anime has been in the United States.

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