Red earth and pouring rain novel

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red earth and pouring rain novel

Red Earth and Pouring Rain by Vikram Chandra

Rate this book. Vikram Chandra's Red Earth and Pouring Rain is an unforgettable reading experience, a contemporary Thousand and One Nights - with an eighteenth-century warrior-poet now reincarnated as a typewriting monkey and an Indian student home from college in America switching off as our Scheherazades. Ranging from bloody battles in colonial India to college anomie in California, from Hindu gods to MTV, Chandra's novel is engrossing, enthralling, impossible to put down - a remarkable meditation on quests and homecomings, good and evil, storytelling and redemption. Click to the right or left of the sample to turn the page. If no book jacket appears in a few seconds, then we don't have an excerpt of this book or your browser is unable to display it.
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Then sharp, birth. Of course, this debut novel is a marvel, with the light of wisdom. I preferred the former rrain to be completely honest i skim-read through Abhay's stories a fair bit. So the stories -- lots of stories -- form a Scheherazade-style framework with the monkey telling tales to both visiting gods and townspeople to save his own life: ! Janvi Hercules' wife wants to hear about Alexander.

HERE is a novel with a hundred rooms, each with a view, each view with a hero and his gestures, each gesture part of a mission, each mission with a villain, swords, black blood and epiphanies, magic and a huge inventory of the quotidian utensils of three centuries and three countries: India, the United States and England. And all in service, sometimes distant and far-flung, to the hydra-headed metaphor of India, a world -- in a word -- misunderstood. About halfway through "Red Earth and Pouring Rain," I felt for a while like the character Reinhardt, an Englishman in India, who, offered a new sense of the length of creation, finds it crushing. His sense of history had been neat, finite; confronted with Hindustan's estimates, he is vexed to distraction. Reinhardt recovers -- he becomes, in an unlikely way so typical of the paradoxical surprises in this novel, a king -- but I had to suspend my disbelief a notch or two and adjust my sense of what the modern novel is, and go with the sweep of Vikram Chandra's expansive and disarming first novel.


  1. Hygin C. says:

    She is older. Though I have heard of the Gods in the book, pages. At times it was very wordy, I know nothing about them, and I didnt think it was actually needed. Paperback .❣

  2. Siglinda S. says:

    Jump to navigation. Somewhere towards the end of the story, one of the narrators, who has returned from America with his girlfriend, takes a train to Matheran from Bombay Central. This is a very difficult thing to do. There are no trains for the hill station from Bombay Central. Then, the narrator, Abhay, takes a toy train up the hill during the monsoon. 👷

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