Legend of yun xi novel

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legend of yun xi novel

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English translations by Ruyi. Alone, the intelligent and sensible Yunxi must carve her own space from the intricate web of court intrigue and the jianghu , relying on her words, wits, and wisdom to survive. Adapt when necessary, use force when required; to survive and thrive is the name of the game to a prosperous life. Powered by Froala Editor. Light mode Dark mode. Increase font Reduce font.
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[ENG SUB] Legend of Yunxi 20(Ju Jingyi,Zhang Zhehan,Mi Re)

Legend of Yun Xi

He pretends to be cold and curt novsl Yunxi in order to prevent Yunxi from being bullied. Chapter Definitely won't hold back Chapter The Chu Clan has to have a plot Chapter Shocking, who's been held under duress. It does kind of seem cliche as there is the bubbly and cute female lead, the cold male lead. Adoptive mother of Long Feiye mother of the real Prince Qin.

I'm sure they'll hit that milestone soon at the rate they're going! You definitely make a valid point - I will have to do my exploring re style. Renowned for her beauty and intelligence, Princess Chu Qin Ge views this marriage as a legehd in executing her revenge against Tian Ning. He examined her, ripped the bottom of her dress off because it was wet from the oil.

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Wahh, nice write-up Ruyi! I'm liking the drama too. I am surprised how much I'm enjoying this. I saw that video of Ju Jungyi playing the violin at the Hunan graduation show and was intrigued because the girl is drop dead gorgeous and expressive and decided to check this out. Don't regret it one bit! I'll have to read the novel translation now too.


Chapter Poisoning, at AM. Guan Zhong June 29, he's a bit impatient Chapter Just what does he want to do. Light mode Dark mode. Blinded by YX love for sure.

Add episode. Chapter Feigning, real or pretend. Chapter Long reached a common understanding Chapter His world has collapsed Chapter Empty-handed, Ning Jing reveals a trap Chapter What else can dissolve hate, a life for a life Chapter Demanding medicine for treatment Chapter Vent your anger to your heart's content Chapter Warmth of an angel's wings. Chapter Urgent busine.

Chapter A tender heart severs itself from the gentleman Chapter Something big happened at the estate Chapter An accident, the empress dowager's invitation. Han Yunxi is actually a beautiful, or premeditated, kind. Chapter Homicide. The drama has currently broken through million views and has set a milestone for million views: release of the ending song in full.

Chapter Could the furnaces be a pair. This is actually my fav novel compared to love and ten miles. And Dr. Chapter Settling accounts, killing without pardon Chapter Tang Li's suspicions Chapter This old fellow would sure like to die Chapter Protection from the Shadow Clan Chapter Anxious!


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    Chapter Urgent, he's wrong Chapter Hope, leave the medical world Chapter Everyone fears him noveo Chapter C. All I have to say is in the novel Duke Qin is so freaking possessive of Yunxi. Chapter Letting you have a good look Chapter A ca?

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    Poison Genius Consort (Poison Genius Consort #1) by 芥沫 (Jie Mo)

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