What is the best stephen king novel

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what is the best stephen king novel

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Stephen King poses during a portrait session on November 16th, in Paris, France. Without a moment's hesitation he went with Lisey's Story, a novel about a woman coping with the death of her husband, who happened to be a best-selling author. We figured many of his fans would have a different choice, so we opened it up for a vote. Dark Tower mostly takes place in Mid-World, the decayed remains of a once great empire where a Gunslinger named Roland is attempting to reach the distant — titular — Dark Tower. The fourth book in the series was published in , and it focuses largely on Roland's teenage years and his doomed love affair with Susan Delgado.
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Top Ten Stephen King Books

The Best Stephen King Novels

Throw in a sadistic warden and prison rapists, and you've got a living nightmare. To prevent the assassination teh J. There's no doubt that writer Stephen King is best known for the horror novels that haunt his special corner of American literature. Sparking a pretty logical let's face it fear of clowns, gr!

Inspired by his own frustrations as an author feeling imprisoned by the demands of his readers, it tells an unforgettable story of obsession that's haunting on numerous levels. The result centers around a divorced high school teacher who finds a portal to in a small diner, taking a teaching job in a small town near Dallas as he prepares for the big day. Even after the abused woman steps into said painting to flee her attacker, they never stop feeling like two separate stories. Each chapter in this illustrated novel is a self-contained story that links with all the others to form the narrative.

11. The Dead Zone (1979)

As more people get turned, Ben embarks on a hunt to kill these powerful creatures and their supreme leader. And with good reason. It shows. More in Fiction. Pin this article on Pinterest.

Albeit, sometimes, the magic is a little dark. Author of 59 novels, 5 non-fiction works and countless short stories, the works of Stephen King should hold many places on any literary bucket list, but for those looking to read their first and wondering where to start, blogger Matt Craig presents his essential Stephen King reading list, from horror classics to the novella that inspired The Shawshank Redemption. Discover our edit of the best new science fiction books A fellow fan! So, here I am, ready to set the world straight. Stephen King has been publishing books for over forty years. There is something for everyone in the impressive King canon; without doubt, there is a tendency towards darkness, but more often than not any horror we encounter is less of the supernatural variety, and more of the everyday horrific.


Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. It's all a fun bit of supernatural horror that includes a lot blood, and when they were out there they spent a night at the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, violence. King and his young family moved to Colorado for a brief period in the mids, No Stars is a compilation of four novellas that focus on the darkness of human nature and retribution. Full Dark.

Annie is also one of the most iconic and diabolical villains that King has ever brought to life. Another Bachman Book, no matter how much he. Enjoyed this list. It's hard to imagine that King almost gave up on this masterpiece before it was even completed.


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