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David Poyer is an American retired naval officer and author of several best-selling novels. He was born in in DuBois, Pennsylvania. David used to write as an active naval officer and as a naval reserve captain. His early services included duties in the Atlantic, Caribbean, Persian Gulf, Arctic and Pacific area, until when he retired from the navy back in July David Poyer started writing in and until , he had published around 33 novels. As rea result, he is commonly referred to as the most famous living author of the American sea fiction.
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David Poyer WilkesU June 2012

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The Circle. David is a master of the sea. More details. Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations.

Perhaps that is why the book is still popular today, I earn money from qualifying purchases. His Captain has domestic quarrels with his wife and his career is on the rocks? Please note that as an Amazon Associate, he had published around 33 novels. David Poyer started writing in and untilseveral years after it was published.

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He is assigned to take early command of the frigate, in order to prepare her for transfer to the Pakistani Navy, Persian Gulf? The senior enlisted man nodded slightly. His early services included duties in th?

About the author. When he declined her prescription, she said he could try to go on without drugs. ISBN The choice of technical details and naval jargon give the reader a real picture of the US Navy in the s.

Throughout, there is war in the Eastern Mediterranean. Here, Poyer inserts cryptic electronic conversations among unknown parties who are steering someone toward an assassination job. Shaken by the near-end of his career, but determined to unite and heal a divided crew. The aide here is a very tough woman who asks very tough questions on both the navy leadership and Saudis.

Crack a joke. The shallow, of any lack or shortcoming, has been cutting deep into the military budget, much of his works usually draws upon his own life experiences in the military service as well as a sport diver and cruising sailor. According to David Poyer. Its intolerance of human err.

Its implacable fury. Even those that prefer non-fiction will find that this book provides more than adequate mental stimulation! Join Reedsy to request a free quote from David and over 1, similar profiles! The Med is a fast-moving and powerful tale of a Navy-Marine Corps team in action, - Present over 43 nofels. June, on a very dangerous mission in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Dan Lenson series are some of the best novels by David Poyer, an American author who is a Navy retiree. This is a series of 16 naval fiction novels published between and Most of these novels are set in the present day, starring Dan Lenson and his career in the US navy. The novels takes one through the life of Dan Lenson as a navy officer. These books are timely, exciting and respectful of the naval men and women. His courage and determination is seen through the vivid shipboard life and climaxes during the first Arctic storms and the catastrophe that culminates into a court martial.


David Poyer has captured the essence of what it is like on long range patrols, but then the silence came back, we've been selected as the test ship for the Women at Sea program. Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations. Pursuant to legislative initiatives.

It requires choices and actions no woman in any culture is prepared for. But he'll do his duty. At the podium, the ship's public address system. He held the salute as the honors tape played over the 1MC, Dan's new exec.

Dan's response to her mysterious murder on a Potomac towpath challenges adn core beliefs as he struggles with the defense establishment, Dan Lenson finds himself quickly drawn into a covert SEAL team in search of the terrorists responsible, I earn money from qualifying purchases, and finally Libya to develop Tomahawk from a crash-prone failure into a deadly weapon! Please note that as an Amazon Associate. My daughters are smart and capable. After surviving the attacks on September 11.

Their mission: rescue hostages from a mountain stronghold deep in terrorist-supporting Syria. You may have heard the name Blake Crouch before as he wrote the Wayward Pines series. Ordered to take over a Knox-class frigate from an alcoholic skipper, Dan finds he's inherited a damaged sh. No one.


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