Trail of tears erased from textbooks

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trail of tears erased from textbooks

"Pro-American" History Textbooks Hurt Native Americans | HuffPost

When the European settlers arrived, they need land to live on. The First Nations people agreed to move to different areas to make room for the new settlements. The publisher, Popular Book Company Canada, released a statement on social media saying they were issuing an immediate recall of the books. If children can learn from very very young ages about World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Korea, the Civil War, the brutalities of slavery, the Holocaust, and the violence of armed conflict, [and when we celebrate] days like Veterans Day or Memorial Day we have Remembrance Day here , why can Indigenous genocide not be taught, apart from the fact it punches holes in the mythos our countries are built on that holds settlers as heroes? Days after taking office, President Donald Trump reversed a decision by the Obama administration, signing an executive order to complete the pipeline against the wishes of the Sioux, who consider the land through which the pipeline was built sacred. In Canada we have a lot of nations, especially Inuit, who never signed treaties.
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Yes its very wrong for them to be teaching such lies to the young right now. I for one will take part in any way I can help stop this from happening. Her findings for the root of the problems center teard the original methods under which Indian reservations were organized and ownership held: Some of the land that constitutes reservations is held in trust for the tribe by the U! The truth makes our children better educated.

Although it seems some want to hide what happened we know what was done and students should kniw as well. Featured Video View all. Thank you for raising awareness of this issue! She describes many of the reservations she visits as small "third world countries in the middle of the wealthiest and most free nation in the world.

Following searing indignation across social media, a Canadian publisher will recall a textbook that rather obliquely claimed First Nations and Indigenous people happily “agreed to” move for European settlers.​ The textbook, which was apparently supposed to teach third graders about.
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Canadian - Great greatgrand- mother Melba Sanoffsky. Close Menu. Genocide of these people and now more taking of their history. Texas history textbooks used by seventh-graders today have improved by leaps and bounds.

To repeat an action over and over again, expecting different outcomes is the definition of insanity. Native Americans r never talked about no where. The women who helped these brave men were wives and mothers! Yes the.

The trsil of humankind dies when history is rewritten to eliminate the errors of a people. Are they still in use in your school district. If this is the school book chosen for our schoolI will refuse to let them teach those lies to my grand daughter. Maybe World War II will be next because of the guns.

This is not revenge. If children can learn from very very young ages about World War I, why can Indigenous genoci. Our mistakes and corrective actions must be taught and never forgotten. Some of The natives on the reservation think that is where they came from.

I weep and I grieve for those beautiful and dear souls still today! Respectfully, Janice Torck. They were not single women. Benjamin Johnson, says that description of Reconstruction was the most difficult thing swallow. This year my daughter and I teare chosen to step outside of the online platforms and do her homeschooling all on our own.

David Nicely , Author October 26, This is anything but good for our young learners, who will be in the end, lied to. There are certainly other ways to explain how European settlers stole land from people who were there first at a third grade-level. I have heard that this is being done about the Holocaust also. And you are not allowed to mention God in school at all. This just means,we the grandparents,aunts,uncles and parents ,must be sure that this generation knows the real correct history to teach their children. The scary part is when you try to erase horrible historical events,you make it very easy for history to repeat itself.


They generally believe that the continent was more or less wide-open and that the few people who were here aided the Pilgrims with a harvest fest and then after a texthooks skirmishes with settlers complied with their destiny as the vanishing Indian. The scary part is when you try to erase horrible historical events,you make it very easy for history to repeat itself. This is horrible. There are tribes in Canada also and WE must keep our knowledge going!.

It should be in history books and taught in schools. In time, those things become the new truth. Close Menu. Here in Rochester,Ind.

I know this sounds jumbled, but my thoughts are running way ahead of me. This is an atrocity on top of a huge atrocity. I am 48 years old and I wish I had studied about the trail of tears a long time ago. The Elite will not rule the the world.

My ancestors died on this trail my family tree was traced back to the trail. If they understand the Civil War and the plight of the slaves, and replaced by that new truth! Memories will be gone, they would certainly understand the theft of the Native Americans homelands.


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