Mirro pressure cooker instruction booklet

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mirro pressure cooker instruction booklet


Page of 42 Go. We call. Technology, Functionality and Beauty. Since Pressure Cookers work differently than conventional cookers,. Read and follow instructions before. Important Safeguards - Pg 2.
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Published 18.10.2019

Using a Pressure Cooker/Canner Safely (Including Glass Top Stoves)

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Can't find the owners manual!

This is your assurance that pressure is being maintained. Professional Baker or Master Baker Click the link below to leave a comment and tell us your thoughts. Where can you find an instruction manual for mirro pressure cooker.

Page 33 Chicken Gumbo 4. Yes you can pressure cook a pint jar in a pressure cooker. Any help please. I need a copy?

Now, we just made some terrific beef stock and the old Mirro-matic M worked flawlessly? Store in a cool dry place. Drain; add necessary water. I had to give it a good thump on the top to seat the weight and get it to start spinning?

The manual was NO help at all. My littel 6qt will process 5 regular or wide mouth jars at a time and I have processed everything from veggies to meats. I purchased one today and it did not have a cookbook. Oct 30, 7.

I like stacking pints so that is what I have. Page 9 of It is so huge that it takes a long time to build up a head of steam! If I turned the heat back so it only released steam intermittently, the red safety button on handle would release?

The book says after venting 10 minutes, add weight. Page 20 Chili Con Carne 4. The instruction book was not updated to reflect this change of design from the older Mirros bkoklet had jiggling regulators. In the event it is blocked, clean it with a wire along with all other holes located inside the cover?

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Mirro Pressure Canner Review

October I doesn't seem to exist -- even on the wearever. I've asked them for it, but I'm not optomistic. If one arrives, I'll try and post it on one of the manual web sites. All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed.

The diameter is fine, the thickness of the replacement gasket is not? Follow all directions as usual, when you instructio the weight on the stem be sure to push it all the way down. Mirro Pressure Canner by: Lois I have the Mirro with the weights and it cans ok but I prefer the canner with the gauge which is what my mom used. How to - Pg When steam begins to come out of pressure weight vent in the center of the cooker, put the size pressure weight on the canner that is called for in the canning recipe used example.

The Mirro Pressure Cooker Canner is another choice for those wanting to put up vegetables, meat and other low acid foods. I noticed that many call this piece of equipment a cooker instead of a canner. I'd like to remind folks that there is a difference in the two. A canner is larger and will process foods for storage on the shelf. A cooker is smaller and is for cooking dinner. Anything smaller should not be used for processing. But I can't confirm just how many jars the larger 2 will hold.


Now, we just made some terrific beef stock and the old Mirro-matic M worked flawlessly. Cook 2 minutes! The book says after venting 10 minutes, circular pop-up type steam release doohickies on it - so Inetruction don't know how to tell what I'm doing since my old one has that thing. There isn't one of those small, add weight.

I have searched all the info stamped on the bottom of the pot and cannot find any info relevant to the date of manufacture. Read and follow instructions before. Asked in Pressure Cookers What is the best pressure cooker. Asked in Cooking Equipment?


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