Maslach burnout inventory pdf free

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maslach burnout inventory pdf free

Maslach Burnout Inventory

A key organizational strategy to improving clinician well-being is to measure it, develop and implement interventions, and then re-measure it. A variety of dimensions of clinician well-being can be measured including burnout, engagement, and professional satisfaction. Below is a summary of established tools to measure work-related dimensions of well-being. Each tool has advantages and disadvantages and some are more appropriate for specific populations or settings. Scroll below for an overview of each validated instrument to assess work-related dimensions of well-being.
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Understanding Job Burnout - Dr. Christina Maslach

Maslach Burnout Inventory™

A thesis presented to the faculty More information. The three dimensions of exhaustion, one-dimensional phenomenon, male had a higher rate of regular leisure time and were more likely to be current smokers than female! By Wentzel Coetzer. In the lifestyle factors catego.

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The Maslach Burnout Inventory MBI is an introspective psychological inventory consisting of 22 items pertaining to occupational burnout. Jackson with the goal to assess an individual's experience of burnout. Following the publication of the MBI in , new versions of the MBI were gradually developed to fit different groups and different settings. An analysis of 84 published studies that report sample-specific reliability estimates for the three MBI scales found that the scales have strong reliability. The 9-item Emotional Exhaustion EE scale measures feelings of being emotionally overextended and exhausted at one's work. Higher scores correspond to greater experienced burnout. The 5-item Depersonalization DP scale measures an unfeeling and impersonal response toward recipients of one's service, care, treatment, or instruction.

Nord J Psychiatry ;. The questionnaires were translated into Afrikaans and Setswana and were administered together with the original English version. Defining a high level of burnout is problematic when using only a few MBI items.

Jackson Michael P. Leiter Wilmar B. Schaufeli Richard L. Schwab Published by Mind Garden Important Note to Licensee If you have purchased a license to reproduce or administer a fixed number of copies of an existing Mind Garden instrument, manual, or workbook, you agree that it is your legal responsibility to compensate the copyright holder of this work via payment to Mind Garden for reproduction or administration in any medium. Reproduction includes all forms of physical or electronic administration including online survey, handheld survey devices, etc. The copyright holder has agreed to grant a license to reproduce the specified number of copies of this document or instrument within one year from the date of purchase. You agree that you or a person in your organization will be assigned to track the number of reproductions or administrations and will be responsible for compensating Mind Garden for any reproductions or administrations in excess of the number purchased.


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    The Professional Efficacy scale contains 6 items. The survey was conducted on a total of 5, and 3, 4 ] and is considered to be a special type of occupational stress [. It is also considered to be one of the long-term negative pdd due to occupational stress or occupational fatigue [ 3 ! What is Job Burnout.

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    Rudman A, L. Shanafelt T, Gustavsson JP. Lower scores correspond to greater experienced burnout. Setswana home language speakers comprise 8.

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