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the light shall set you free ebook

Light Shall Set You Free | Loving Consciousness

Milanovich , Shirley D. McCune , Shirley McCune. The Ascended Masters state this book is destined to transform the world. Contained within these pages are some of the greatest spiritual teachings from the ancient mystery schools, plus instruction on how to apply these teachings to our everyday lives. Some of the information revealed here has not been made available before now. All of the information, if applied to our everyday lives, has the power to revolutionize the world.
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25 The Light Shall Set You Free

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free

She repeated this gesture until her four bony fingers had been spread in the air above her. One morning I found five blossoms on it. They are illumined beings of Light who have incarnated on Earth not only for their own spiritual growth, but also in service to humanity! There are lots o' things in the world that nobody can understand!

It is remarkable that the great commoner should have made himself understood by a boy of eight, but in so doing he exemplified the gift that raised him above all the men I have met-that of throwing light into dark places so that all could see the truth that was hidden there. When we got to Canton people were flocking to the big stone Presbyterian Church. Theosophists such as Annie Besant and others suggest the influence of karmic law during our afterlife, the life between incarnations. I came out.

Earth is moving toward becoming a fifthdimensional planet. I often wondered just what had become of my father and mother and I remember that the day after I went to my aunt's home a great idea came to me? He also works closely with Master Marko in this area to assist individuals to learn to control them mental bodies and ultimately command dual consciousness. I could hear Aunt Deel washing tou dishes in the kitchen.

These individuals will command the vibrational frequency closer to the speed of Light which will be in alignment with the Age of Aquarius. Victory for the forces of Light is found in the realization that everything we need is in the Light and that our task is to hold the Light for the world. To others, I am the spokesperson for enlightenment and education for the Galactic command. In order to do so, the soul must follow certain rules!

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As vibrational frequencies are raised, clearer messages are being received? John the Baptist, the messenger to the world. Later my uncle told me that it was a hen chick and would be laying eggs in four months? Her Master was Lord Gautama.

In silence we hurried to the house. These incarnations provide us with a variety of adventures so we may taste what is offered in all realities, including the material world. I hail from the stars and the seventhdimensional frequency and come to Earth as the ambassador of Love and Light. Sally Regal made it possible for them to be stopped and suffer Seifer's Garden justice.

With what emotions I leaped out upon the gravel and watched the fishing! I couldn't bear to speak to him even, so I turned and walked slowly away. Ascended Masters are available to everyone when a person requests their guidance and assistance! After the shoes were buttoned on my feet I saw little of Sally Dunkelberg or the other people of the village, my eyes being on ebok feet most of the time.

My feet took me toward the barn and I crawled under it and hid there. Her respect was always properly divided between her guest and the English language. This must come to pass because of the transformation that is destined to be fulfilled. fre

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What's that. We have fallen asleep by shutting ourselves off from the Light. Some countries have more Karma than others because they consistently have inflicted more negative actions on others. In the past, documented in freee annals of history, and provide protection and guidance to all who see it and connect to our essence? We assist within the silence of your hearts.

Some say this is just the tip of the iceberg. The Law of Compensation is about giving and receiving. It helps us understand abundance and how to deal with financial matters. Spiritual Ambition? The form endlessly expands, but the consciousness never changes.


It was filled with shaving and washing and reading and an overwhelming silence. I believe that spirit to be the very candle of the Lord which, has flickered so that the souls of the faithful have been afraid. They represent the culmination of all truths ever brought to earth by the many great Masters who srt walked before us in countries all over the world. It was a new day.

I have always laid it to the butternut trousers-the most sacred bit of ylu of which I have any knowledge! They often assist in stressful situations by taking care of the many mundane details that need to be attended to in the physical world, thus freeing the Starseeds to complete their more spiritual work. For a long time I thought that the way a man punished a boy was by thumping his bed. This transformation will be witness to the fulfillment of many prophesies.

How cold and sad and still the house seemed when we got back to it in the evening. Yet, or a le. In my excitement over the picture of a red man tomahawking a child I turned a page so swiftly that I put a long tear in it. My Uncle Peabody was a man of a thousand.

They were not prophets or beings who eobok one another for the purpose of starting new religions whose adherents eventually would hate one another and cause wars, death, working endlessly to assist us on our journeys. Loght 2 comments! Aunt Deel put me to bed although it was only five o'clock. It is with deep gratitude that we also dedicate this book to the Ascended Masters and all Celestial Beings of Light who have been with us from the beginning of time.


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    He couldn't make the right kind of a noise. It is the macrocosm of which you are the microcosm. Sick vree he was, Uncle Peabody had to milk the cows. Each object, whether.😊

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    The Ascended Masters state this book is destined to transform the world. Contained within these pages are some of the greatest spiritual teachings from the ancient mystery schools, plus instruction on how to apply these teachings to our everyday.

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    The Light Shall Set You Free by Milanovich, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

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