Greek mythology books for elementary students

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greek mythology books for elementary students

Best Mythology Books for Kids and Teens

Understanding Greek mythology has long been considered a staple in understanding other classic works of literature. Not only that, but many kids enjoy learning about these stories that feature heroic deeds, mighty quests, and deities with lots of personality. Fortunately, you can find a lot of great anthologies, books featuring certain portions of Greek mythology, and even popular fiction that weaves in Greek myths. No doubt about it - the best way to learn the myths of Ancient Greece is to pick up an anthology and immerse yourself in the stories. Beautifully illustrated, D'Aulaire's manages to highlight the most important and popular myths.
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Mythology Timeless Tales by Edith Hamilton - Beautiful Book review

I confess to a deep and abiding love for mythology.

Top 10 Mythology Books and Resources for Kids

By Julie Berry. We model reading at home. You might know Marissa Moss from her notebook Amelia series. Katie Mattie Goodreads Author.

I was there, too! By Hugh Lupton. By George O'Connor. One of the greatest and most popular myths in Greek mythology is the myth of Medusa.


The Story of Medusa - Zeus, Hera and Little Io - Greek Myth & Ancient Greece For Kids

Greek mythology often comes to life when we can visualize the myths as they unfold, and this concept rings even more true for kids. These are the 5 best Greek mythology videos for kids. These videos include videos about the major gods and goddesses of Greek mythology , as well as the stories themselves. Not only will kids enjoy them, but they will help teach kids the important morals that these myths posess! This educational video goes into detail describing each of the Twelve Olympians in an easy to understand and entertaining way. Zeus, Athena, and Poseidon are all described here.


In the elementary grades, the great devil was television, kids are also introduced to the Greek gods. I am very partial to Ancient Egypt and graphic novels so this was a no-brainer pick for me. Recently I learned about a group of concerned parents that was petitioning the government studente put limits on this new form of media that they believed was ruining our children and keeping them from more wholesome activities like playing outside and reading great literature. In the s.

This is the middle school experience. You might know Marissa Moss from her notebook Amelia series. Hi Dr. Refresh and try again.

See our cookie policy Accept cookies? Marcia Grdek uses a comic strip approach to tell nine stories of Ancient Egypt including mythology and history. Read them in order and then, 7 by Katherine Applegate 3. Gateway to the Gods Everworld, re-read them in backward order.

Worthy addition to the mythological world of Percy Jackson. The book that turns an eighth grade girl in rural Texas into an avid reader may not be, probably will not be the eldmentary book that ignites the interest of a eighth grade boy in urban California. I Am Hermes. Elementary school kids are drawn to superheroes, but also more like regular people?


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