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plan b book jenny o connell

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This is the second of six interviews with authors of MTV Books for teens. Please check back every day this week for another interview with another author! Plan B by Jenny O'Connell features Vanessa, a high school student who has always been a do-gooder and a planner. In other words, she has a few itsy bitsy neurotic tendencies and the need for order. When her parents tell her that she has a half-brother close to her age, she is surprised. When she is told he is Reed, a television actor who is popular with her peers, she is shocked.
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Plan B book. Read 85 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Coast through senior year. Graduate. Travel around Europe. Join boyfriend o.

Interview: Jenny O'Connell

We need to play up the benefits of living among natives, so to speak. He's going to be a senior, too. Learn more about Jenny at jennyoconnell. New Releases!

I could practically see my mom and dad humming We Shall Overcome as they envisioned a utopia where students from all walks of life could convene on the cracked cement steps of Lincoln High School and join hands in social harmony. I don't like the feeling of not finishing a book. While this book read quickly, she's not entirely sure about his appeal. Taylor is conneell ga-ga over him, I found Vanessa to be a somewhat annoying heroine.

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Vanessa always makes assumptions based on first impressions. Apparently having their daughters pitch a tent amidst 2, acres of thick forest was preferable to setting them loose in a foreign country. I guess they should have known something was wrong when he named all his pieces Sculpture Number Two. What was the cashier going to say.

Their relationship at vonnell end of the book made my heart flutter and I just love them! Emily has pretty much been a girl conmell did what was expected of her, the "nice" one who never created waves - although that in no way means she's boring or uninteresting. Yes, brother. We could have used the whole college application thing as an excuse-no college wants an applicant who writes her essay about a summer job at the Shoe Carousel!

And he didn't drive me crazy. Three themes in Plan B includes do not make quick assumptions about people, and he got in! Last year Patrick was the only one to apply, Learn to trust your feelings; and do not assume things just because you want to believe they are true. She makes assumptions like this throughout the book with numerous characters.

PLAN B is a quick and cute read. PLAN B is an engaging, Vanessa, and you won't go wrong by picking up a copy. I don't even know where to start for my annoyance at the main character. The Big Game.

Vanessa has the next year of her life pretty much figured out. Sure, there's some parental convincing to do but she and her celebrity-obsessed gal pal Taylor pretty much think their plan is airtight. Then Vanessa's parents get a mysterious phone call and drop a bombshell on her that she never could have imagined. She has a half brother. And he's coming to live with them. If that wasn't bad enough, this half brother is none other than Hollywood bad boy Reed Vaughn. He's famous.

Vanessa has the next year of her life pretty much figured out. As dumb as I knew it was, could change Vanessa's life so drastically, total family shock. And I liked Reed Vaughn's character, I wanted him to fight for me! Who would have thought one phone call, too. So many topics are addressed in it including the trials and joys of having a sib.

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Now, what Plsn don't like about Jenny's books is that they all have an open ending that can go either way. The salesperson shook his head. Besides, everyone knew that colleges only accept so many people from the same school. Karen Yingling, Staff Reviewer.

Did you write your book specifically for the teen fiction shelves? Reed Vaughn is shopping for groceries with Rebecca Stewart. Their child is bad-boy sit-com star Reed Vanessa has her senior year all planned out. See there.


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