What is book profit in share market

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what is book profit in share market

What is it the Right Time to Book Profits in Stock/Share Market

He told me that he is a long-term investor in the stock market. I replied that you can have a long-term investment strategy, but the long-term investment is an opportunity loss. As i shared in my previous posts on Stocks that It is imp to Book Profits at regular intervals keeping the long term investment strategy intact. The reason for the suggestion to book profits to my father was a news on Greece Crisis. When we invest in the stock market it is very critical that we should be aware of all the factors which impact the movement of stock market.
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Why it is Imp to Book Profits in Stock Market?

Therefore, the transfer of nominal wealth to real wealth can be called profit booking. Beware the overnight risk in profit taking. As I learned from my experience sharee the stock market is unpredictable. There are a couple of more features of profit booking that are described in this article.

Read More Over the next 1 week, but without booking profits in a timely manner can turn out to be quite risky! Yes, the stock moved up to Rs. Let us take a very specific instance?

Related Terms Heavy Definition Heavy is a description of a market that is demonstrating prifit in advancing and displaying a tendency to decline. As a result, all else is book profits only? This is one reason why a stock may be more volatile in the weeks surrounding the period when it reports results! Profit is what you book, the investment targets of a lot of people are met.

Over the next 1 week, investors should buy at the interim dips and sell the same during rallies. Whereas in case of financial assets like stocks, it is very easy to enter and exit i. Submit Your Comments. Accordingly, the stock moved up to Rs.

Tax Dept rolls back earlier order; Check details? One of the first things you need to do in volatile markets is to compress your risk-return trade-off. On the contrary, read all the related documents carefully before investing. Investment in securities market are subject to market whare, smart investors make use of the opportunity to book profits and maximise their gains.

They don't constitute any professional advice or service. Prima facie, it may look like Jiten was smarter and savvier than Rakesh. Full list of routes for world-class trains. I booked a profit of Rs 65 per share.

Why it is Imp to Book Profits in Stock Market?

If you have regularly observed the stock market, you may have noticed that a lot of time when the market falls, experts attribute this fall to profit booking. The concept of profit booking is known to a lot of people. However, the knowledge is merely superficial. In this article, we will have a closer look at the concept of profit booking. Profit booking, also known as profit taking is when individuals or companies liquidate their holdings to cash out the profits that they have created.


Also Watch: The movement of the stock market indices is never linear? As a trader, your primary concern is to set your risk-return trade-off and then stick to it staunchly? There are a couple of more features of profit booking that are described in this article. A trader needs to sgare churning his capital.

Take the case of Jiten Shah who had bought shares of Reliance at Wat. The real estate asset is both difficult to buy and sell. After selling the shares, you have actually booked the profit with a realization of Rs 50 per share. That is only possible if your money is put to work at full capacity and the positions get liquidated at regular intervals.


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    There are two main situations where the investors must not hesitate to book profits. If we book profits at regular intervals then we can increase our returns manifold. At this point, many investors buy share excessively. As a trader here are 4 basic rules you need to follow regarding booking profits on your positions.

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