Star wars expanded universe books

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star wars expanded universe books

The Best Books from the Old 'Star Wars' Expanded Universe

Splinter of the Mind's Eye , the first Expanded Universe novel, published in Star Wars Legends , formerly known as the Expanded Universe abbreviated EU , encompasses every one of the licensed, fictional background stories of the Star Wars universe, outside of the original six Star Wars films produced by George Lucas and certain other material such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars , created before April 25 , It is derived from and includes most official Star Wars books , comic books , video games , spin-off films , television series , toys , and other media created before that date. This material expands and continues the stories told in the films, taking place anywhere from over 36, years before The Phantom Menace to years after Return of the Jedi. The issue of which aspects are canon was one of the most hotly debated topics among fans.
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Star Wars Expanded Universe (From Begining to End)

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15 Best Books From the Defunct ‘Star Wars’ Expanded Universe (Photos)

Rebel Force 4: Firefight! Superficially, one allure of the films is that sfar are organized numerically and logically whereas the Expanded Universe was published out of chronological sequence and occasionally contained minor contradictions and in some cases even major discrepancies. Ascension by Christie Golden! Lost Tribe of the Sith 7: Pantheon.

Lords of the Sith by Paul S. Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil. Resistance Reborn [13]. The general rule was that nothing in the Expanded Universe was allowed to contradict any other part of the Expanded Universe or the films.

Inste. Forces of Destiny : Daring Adventures: Volume 1. Shadows of the Empire by Steve Perry. You'll find that there are plenty of books to discover outside of the movies.

X-Wing: Mercy Kill. Karen Traviss Original author. Short story collection click to hide. Lost Stars by Claudia Gray mature young adult novel.

Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void. Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse. Jedi Apprentice The Shattered Peace. Jedi Apprentice 8: The Day of Reckoning.

A turning point was reached when West End Games began publishing the Star Wars roleplaying game in New Jedi Order era. Planet of Twilight. The footage was made available on a special VHS tape, included in the box of the game!

The Expanded Universe has been a part of Star Wars for almost as long as the movies have, starting with Alan Dean Foster's novel Splinter of the Mind's Eye , which was published in and was originally conceived as a low-budget continuation of A New Hope had the movie flopped. Star Wars has existed longer on the page than on the big screen. Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker , the official novelization of A New Hope , was published in , six months before the release of the movie a move that's hard to fathom by today's spoiler culture.
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Certain previously published Expanded Universe material remained in print as Legends stories! Before the Awakening. Jedi Apprentice 6: The Uncertain Path. Despite the format of its title, this is a standalone novel.

Labyrinth of Evil. Republic Commando: True Colors. Battlefront: Twilight Company by Alexander Freed. The Clone Wars: Grievous Attacks!

Of all of the Legends books, it perhaps captures the feeling of watching a big-screen spectacle the most. Book 3 of the Adventures in Wild Space series. Short story sar click to hide. Jedi Quest 8: The Changing of the Guard.

Thrawn: Alliances [12]. If you ever wanted an everyman perspective on the Galactic Civil War, you can get that from Namir and his crew. It remains an essential part of the E. Outbound Flight by Timothy Zahn.

Shadows of the Empire wasn't just a novel. Retrieved July 24, Journal: Queen Amidala! The Heart of the Jedi. Han Solo's Revenge by Brian Daley.

The Star Wars Expanded Universe is no more. In many cases; this is no big loss — s ome stories and characters are best tossed into a black hole and never spoken of again. But the EU had plenty of good stories, too — tales so good we're genuinely sad they'll lose whatever little canonization they had. Here are the 10 Expanded Universe books, comics and more that we'll miss the most. We'll begin with the obvious.


Jedi Quest 4: The Master of Disguise. Riptide by Paul S. Millennium Falcon by James Luceno. Michael A.

And also Thrawn, and promised to reunite the galaxy under a New Order. Jedi Quest 1: The Way of the Apprentice! The ambitious Senator Palpatine caused himself to be elected Supreme Chancellor, whose species of blue near-humans hails from that part of space. Star Wars novelizations haven't often set a very high bar.

Shadows of the Empire wasn't just a novel. Stephen Crane copied those symbols and turned them into a complete and workable alphabet which would later be used in the prequel trilogy. Cells of Rebellion fight back, and the Galactic Civil War begins. Journal: Captive to Evil.

Notes Maturity rating : A stands for Adult novelfeature more complex and adult storylines than the Junior novel, events between the two trilogies were elaborated upon. Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines. Following the release wara Revenge of the Siththe game succeeded in capturing many gamers' imaginations. Featuring an original and interactive soundtrack by game composer Clint Bajakian using the iMUSE sound syst.


  1. Paul S. says:

    After Disney bought LucasFilm and got the ball rolling on new "Star Wars" movies, they wiped clean the entire Expanded Universe of narratively connected novels, comics and video games from the official "Star Wars" timeline. Gone, yes, but not forgotten. It explores a lot of the strange things we saw in Jabba's palace in "Return of the Jedi," and it's never afraid to get real weird -- which in this case, at least, is a great thing. And also Thrawn, whose species of blue near-humans hails from that part of space. 🥰

  2. Neverdowngrade says:

    The Force Awakens: Finn's Story.

  3. Talbot C. says:

    Survivor's Quest. Lost Tribe of the Sith 7: Pantheon. Click on any book to go to its Amazon. Contents [ show ].

  4. Zuria F. says:

    The New Rebellion. Darth Vader helmets and voice changers now inhabit the shelves, usually right next to the Ultimate Lightsaber Kit. Ascension by Christie Golden. Buy Aftermath.

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