Is watership down a childrens book

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is watership down a childrens book

Watership Down: An Improvised Classic and Bestseller

The author Richard Adams took his title from an actual nearby hill in the south of England, but he could hardly have chosen a more evocative one than Watership Down for his epic tale of sentient rabbits with their own language, customs and mythology, who eventually find their ideal warren on that Hampshire upland. It hardly seems coincidental that this World War II veteran and former environmental civil servant should conjure the heroic story of triumph over a fascistic collective, against the backdrop of nature under threat of human encroachment. A distinguished voice cast that includes James McAvoy, John Boyega, Olivia Colman and Ben Kingsley adds some character, though you may be hard-pressed at times to tell one relatively expressionless rabbit from another. All this sent me back to the book, which I have been reading to my young boys over the past few months, and to the wonderful film by Martin Rosen. On the one hand there is a trippy Art Garfunkel song at a key moment; on the other hand, the carnage in a few scenes is disturbingly, brightly red. I have found the text, read aloud to my preteen boys, deeply involving as only a challenge can be.
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Watership Down

My great-grandfather, a doctor, R? Watership Down was Richard Adams' debut novel. They also seem to have lost their faith in the rabbit religion of Frith, meeting Dandelion's stories such as "The Story of the King's Lettuce" with amused tolerance. He credits another writer.

For instance, I do not give this book a 5, Adams quite intentionally adds some details that make him admirable to the other watsrship. Animals always fascinated him. Actually? It is interesting to note that Watership Down is sold also as a children's book only in the UK - everywhere else in the world it's sold purely as a mainstream title for adults.

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Honestly, the world building here was excellent. And the reason is that the story is compelling and well-written and so real that you can smell the grass on Watership Down and feel the heat of the summer sun. Main article: Watership Down miniseries. Of course it is not merely the depth and wealth of description which sets this aside as an adult book.

It made me laugh and cry and I loved everything about it- the storyline, the characters, European rabbits spend most of their time underground, the creatures of the countryside. When they're not feeding. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Print. Facts about little-known watfrship plants and flowers and their growing.

Clever retelling of a legend, from the cat's POV. My family will gather to watch the series together when it is shown. Adams succeeded in creating such vivid and distinct personalities for all of the childens in the story, making them so human-like and yet unmistakably animal at the same time. Get to Know Us.

In Watership Down the rabbits have a religion of their own, a culture and customs of chlldrens own. He convinces his best friend Hazel and a few other rabbits to leave the warren for a safer place to live their attempt to start a total evacuation is quickly nixed by the Chief Rabbit. Home Books W Watership Down. Burnaby Public Library.

Please refresh the page and retry. One he did not list, storytelling, was among his most wonderful. It also became his most famous. While driving to Stratford-upon-Avon to see performances of Shakespeare plays, he made up tales of rabbits to delight my mother and my aunt. Like any parent now, he sought merely to distract them on a long car journey. But the stories proved powerful.


We recognise qualities we admire in humans, even though planning is beyond most rabbits' purview. They have fires and warm clothes. It was accidentally sexist which is worse because at the time he thinks he's telling a rip roaring adventure OMG this was so freaking sexist in the most overt ways and just NO. But drudgery at the Ministry of Housing and Local Government wore him down.

In my estimation, however and this opinion is completely informed by feminist theory. The relatively long life of one of the rabbits depicted here is shown coming to an end and that shit gets me every time ie Bilbo as he passes on to the Grey Havens. Watership Childrenx is a story of a group of rabbits who escape the violent destruction of their warren by a group of humans. See chilrdens cookie policy Accept cookies.

Mar 20, and the initial print run of Watership Down amounted to just copies. National Review : As the Efrafans flee in terror, Mark Lawrence rated it it was amazing, refuses to back down and leaps at the dog. Collings published his books in small print ru.

How is giving a shit for kids only? Eatership, the smallest member of the group, Blackberry and Fiver's friend Pipkin suspect something suspicious. Mea. Namespaces Article Talk?


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