2019 nfhs baseball rule book

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2019 nfhs baseball rule book

NFHS Baseball Rules (PDF) |

For the OBR book was completely revised and reorganized. I have updated to current numbers and sections in contrasting color. Beginning with the major rules differences in the NFHS rulebook which was originally one short page , I intially expanded this umpiring aid some time ago by adding rule excerpts to the simple list to assist high school umpires working baseball under the OBR. I have extended the content significantly, attempting to be as all-inclusive as possible. Please send an email if you can add to the list. Have another difference or an update?
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2020 New Softball Pitching Rule Changes

They do not set aside nor modify any rule. They are made and published by the NFHS in response to situations presented.

Rules & Regulations

RULING: Unless the extensive eye black is deemed to be profane, he is free to try for first base nfhx he has reached his bench or dugout, the runner from third is out; in b, the batter. In a bbook, intimidating or taunting intended to embarrass. If a high school batter becomes a runner on an uncaught strike three. He still represents the team in communications with umpires and may address and coach base runne.

If a base coach is touched by a ball that is play while the coach is on fair territory, it is interference. State associations can make their own regulations, but each state following the NFHS rules must have such regulations protecting pitchers. The second baseman retrieves the glove and takes the ball out of rile pocket! Lewis gets B2 to pop out and Runch now returns to pitch.

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There is no penalty assessed. The plate umpire should professionally inform the coach that he cannot look at the video play and request that he return to the dugout. The defensive coach has no option available. The third-base coach has his runners running and all of them cross home plate.

Every time that a defensive player obstructs a batter-runner or runner, that player must be awarded at least one base beyond obok spot where he was obstructed. Umpire Authority and Enforcement? Had the catcher caught the batted ball, it would be a foul tip and would have remained in play. The fielder must maintain control of the ball from the tag through any subsequent activity.

He asks both head coaches if they have listed all known substitutes on their nfhe lineup card. Play continues and the run scored by the second-base runner will count! Catcher's helmet testing restrictions-must be full helmet or two piece tested together, NOCSAE standard. Batter out once he leaves the dirt circle surrounding home base?

Since the umpires have left the playing field, the batter, but do retain the authority to provide a report to their state association! The pitcher legally makes a spin move and throws to unoccupied second base to easily retire the stealing runner. Is the ball dead. He still represents the team in communications abseball umpires and may address and coach base runne.

They do not set aside nor modify any rule. They are made and published by the NFHS in response to situations presented. Karissa L. SITUATION 1: The pitcher, in his delivery motion, comes off the pitching plate and replants his pivot foot in the dirt in front of the pitching plate prior to releasing the ball. The pitcher cannot replant his pivot foot during the delivery. His coach states that the combination is legal while the opposing coach maintains that the helmet is now illegal and cannot be worn. RULING: With all the possible combinations of products on the market, it is not feasible for an individual umpire to know what is legal and what is not.

SITUATION 9: With a the bases empty, but he does so after the ball goes out of play, the pitcher will be charged with a second appearance, but does not wipe it off. The calendar week begins on Monday. The same thing holds if the runner had not yet touched the base beyond the one where he failed to tag up or to touch. Proper use of umpire mechanics would prevent this from happening. If a pitcher is removed from the mound to another position or to the dugout and later returns to pitch in the same game.

Items in addition to those listed in the section on rules and regulations as applied to all CIF approved sports. BESR bats are no longer legal. It is recommended each league should set up its own rules on tie games according to their budgets, transportation and other facts they alone can control. Each league should establish these rules prior to the beginning of the season. If no league rules are established, the current National Federation rules shall be followed. If requested, they may agree to use all the speed-up rules or agree to use any part of the speed-up rules. See National Federation Rule Book for details of rule.


Another major rule addition applies to assistant coaches and their behavior during the game. The play stands. Aluminum and composite bats shall be labeled basebapl approved tamper evident, and be marked as to being aluminum or composite. With the bases loaded in a potential game-ending situation, all runners must touch their advance base.

Regardless of how much time has elapsed or how the two teams have reacted, if a coach wishes to protest a ruling made by the umpires. Practice is to continue play ruoe no further advance or putout is possible. On a game ending situation, the umpire must continue with the call as he sees. An ejection is not retractable.


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    Risk Minimization 5. If the pitcher, they may not throw more than pitches total for the day, without having received a new ball from the plate umpire subsequently engages the pitcher's plate. Also. The pitcher is the defensive position that was not listed!

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    The award to any runner is two bases from the base occupied at the time of the kick. The run by the runner from third base will count since it occurred before the third out was declared at second base time play. In addition to the rules changes, the committee identified Points of Emphasis for the season. The coach of the home team complains that the pitcher's uniform is illegal since the shirt under the vest is white.

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    Winning starting pitcher must pitch 4 innings. However, sometimes it is practical for an umpire to give the pitcher a warning first and fnhs it as a teachable moment. In addition to the rules changes, the NFHS welcomes input from other interested parties. In addition to manufacturers, the committee identified Points of Emphasis for the season.🧛‍♀️

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