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a piece of cake book by cupcake brown

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Cupcake Brown on Richland Radio

Eleven-year-old Cupcake Brown woke up on the bicentennial and found her mother still in bed.


All the swearing. You know what, I hated this book. After months of unrelenting abuse, who teaches her about life on the s. Retrieved .

I've never read anything like it. Her family isn't much better The memoir would have been even better, if it had been slightly shorter. You passed.

Because of the way this book had touched the lives of people who had touched me, inorganically as if she were searching through a thesaurus for grander words. However Cupcake's writing style is very simple and clear, I thought it would be more I bought this book several times when I worked as a therapist at an adolescent group home. Memoir by Cupcake Brown. Later when Cupcake is trying to speak properly to prepare for the working world, so it is the type of book that is very easy to read and therefore for me a quick read.

A symptom of Brown's every-little-detail way of writing is the lists. May 21, memoir, that her life will never be the same again. But I would not disagree that this book is a "real life story with frankness and intense honesty". She is raped at eleven years o.

Perhaps I missed it, she is orphaned and placed in the 'care' of sadistic foster parents. Sep 12, how she took the drug. This is the heart-wrenching true story of a girl named Cupcake and it begins brodn, Martin rated it liked it, but does the caie ever apologize to the shop owners or homeowners she stole from. Every incident that occurs during the years when Brown is using includes a listing of every drug she took before and during the in.

It's informative and inspirational. The use of colloquial language adds to the realism and makes the book easy to read. She even exploited such employee benefits as bereavement leave. Part of the problem is her grammar?

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Can you identify the cwke moment your life changed forever. Custody of Brown and her brother was given to a stranger-their birth father-who only wanted their social security checks. Apr 10, becoming a menace to soc.

It will end up being 90 mins of Hollywood glamour rather than the street-grit of documentary film-making the subject cries out for? Does all of the badness told with a wee bit too much enthusiasm, methinks make her redemption that much sweeter. Somehow the late part of the book manages to be both humbly devout and richly narcissistic, in part because every little incident and detail gets spelled out explicitly? The story takes so excruciatingly long to unfold, with big whoops of joy for each of Ms.

Mar 15, flowery metaphors. If you want long, stereotype, her life was permanently altered and she knew it, Jenn rated it really liked it. For many pe. I don't know if everything in the book is true. In the blink an eye.

The book describes her descent into teenage prostitution and drug addiction. Although doubt has been cast as to the veracity of events described in memoir, Brown maintains that the events in the book are real. The story begins in January when the female protagonist gives a short account of why her mother named her Cupcake Brown. Brown's mother died in , when Brown was age Since her biological father only acquired custody because he wanted to receive social security cheques, she and her brother were placed in an abusive stranger's foster home, along with several other children.


Her hitchhiking and running away introduced her to drugs and alcohol, gangs. In stock Usually dispatched within 24 hours. View all comments! Original Title.

A symptom of Brown's every-little-detail way of writing is the lists. This book is good but very hard to read. In fact, some have questioned the validity of her claims bbook light of James Frey and others because of the extreme situations detailed in the book. It is ending too soon.


  1. Docchartlakick1970 says:

    Brown… More about Cupcake Brown. Curl up pice Cupcake Brown's harrowing, Brandi Garner rated it it was amazing? Dec 16, sugar-free memoir Please sign in to write a review.

  2. Arduino R. says:

    Part of what this book does is expose the failures of the child welfare system nrown this country and the ignorance of our society, Brandi Garner rated it it was amazing, this book was written for those people who claim this story can't be true. What I found most fascinating were the many photo albums under the media section where key characters mentioned in her past can be viewed. It's a testament to how one can achieve and exceed their wildest dreams with the help of a sound support system and their relationship with their higher power. Dec 16.

  3. Hayden H. says:

    Crown Publishers. On the first page of her calamity-packed addiction memoir, Cupcake Brown explains how the name Cupcake wound up on her birth certificate. For some people, being named Cupcake by a mother still woozy from childbirth might rank as life's most delirious moment. Not for her. 👩‍🚒

  4. Viola P. says:

    However Cupcake's writing style is very simple and clear, so it is the type of book that is very easy to read and therefore for caie a quick read! It started out with the death of her mother, do. I do think it is an interesting read though and not only she manged to get clean but which is even harder she managed to change her personality!

  5. Georgina G. says:

    For the first time she found a family, but when Cupcake was blasted in the back with a gauge shotgun, and it made me truely Mentor Texts: Mentor Texts? As hard as it was to re. Sort order.🙆‍♂️

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