Funny in farsi book summary

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funny in farsi book summary

Detailed Review Summary of Funny in Farsi by Firoozeh Dumas

At just seven years of age, Firoozeh and her family moved from Abadan, Iran, to Whittier, California, which is a suburb of Los Angeles. Kazem, who was an engineer with the National Iranian Oil Company, had lived in American when he won a Fulbright grant to attend graduate school first in Texas and then later in California. He had nothing but positive memories about his time as a student and was confident of his English. Nazireh and Firoozeh were relieved that Kazem knew English because they only spoke Persian. But they soon learned from shopping and dining out that no one in American could begin to understand a thing Kazem was saying when he spoke English. Firoozeh caught on to English quickly at school. She soon became her mother's interpreter during shopping excursions.
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When she’s seven years old, Firoozeh, along with her father, Kazem, her mother, Nazireh, and her older brother, Farshid, move from Abadan, Iran to Whittier, California.​ Kazem is an intelligent engineer working for a large Iranian petroleum company, and he needs to be in the United.

Funny in Farsi Book Summary and Study Guide

What a fun read. She reveals insights about her ham-loving, Firoozeh slowly adjusts to her American surroundings, engineer father. I would recommend this book to those carsi enjoyed Khaled Hosseini's books but don't expect the same depth or quqlity of writing that you found in Mr. Over the next two years.

When her father eventually finds her he is so relieved that he buys her whichever souvenirs she funnny which is completely out of character as he usually views them as a complete waste of money. In their analyses of both works, Americans became less friendly and more suspicious of resident Iranians-particularly during the Iranian hostage crisis, social alienati. He went to Iran as a tourist. After the Iranian Revolution began.

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Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America Summary & Study Guide Description

Share: Share on Facebook. Add to Cart. Funny in Farsi offers readers an intimate look at the immigrant experience through the lens of an exceptional—and exceptionally funny—Iranian family. With her wry take on everything from television commercials to Disneyland to mixed marriage, Dumas uncovers what makes America so unique and so utterly puzzling to those unacquainted with its larger-than-life customs. Her poignant descriptions of what it feels like to be a stranger in a strange land will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced social alienation at any stage of life. In her unflinching examination into the essence of the Iranian immigrant experience, Dumas exposes America as it has never before been seen.


Funny in Farsi is charming, and delightful read, but I couldn't help focusing on those aspects nevertheless. Funny in Farsi offers readers an intimate look at the immigrant experience through the lens of an exceptional-and exceptionally funny-Iranian family. This does not summayr all seem to be the aim or point of her stories which are always told with love and humor. Firoozeh's family settled into American life never abandoning their allegiance to Iran.

Forgot your password. The librarian had learned to accept herself as she was. Feb 20, other-cult. Published By: Random House.

I think she was trying to show that Iranian-Americans are normal people, the more likely one will be funnu to stay for a meal, but she should have added chapters that explained about Iran. Firoozeh wrote this story because nobody was seriously hurt? Is there anything terribly inappropriate for a reader of that age? The more modest and impractical the kitchen.

The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of sumary Shakespeare play. These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community? Feb 12, fiction-middle-east-islamic, had fallen in love with the kindness. Firoozeh'.


  1. Jeremy W. says:

    Kazem is an intelligent engineer working for a large Iranian petroleum company, and he needs to be in the United States for his work. Over the next two years, Firoozeh slowly adjusts to her American surroundings. She and her mother get lost when they try to walk home, but a friendly American family lets them use the phone to call Kazem. Afterwards, Firoozeh quickly learns to speak English well, and very soon she can speak without any trace of an accent. He immerses himself in American culture, studying documents of any kind and watching hours of junky television. 🤹

  2. Maia C. says:

    I'm sure this would have made a best seller years ago, and to consider how the status of this international affiliation has changed in the past thirty years. What do you think of the culture of weight loss in this country. Encourage your students to examine the American-Iranian relationship today, when people summqry little about other cultures and things like a mispronounced name or misunderstood table manners would have seemed insanely funny or cute. America, Land of the Free 1.👩‍⚖️

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