72 hour hold book summary

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72 hour hold book summary

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Throughout Chapter 1, we are first introduced to one of the main characters, Trina, who is a teenager and the daughter of the narrator: Keri. The mom keeps Trina under her protection ever since finding out what she has. It is revealed that the characters are African American and Keri owns her own designer resale clothing store in LA. We clearly see that Clyde loves his daughter very much, and is in complete denial of her being mentally ill. Keri reveals marrying Clyde was one of the biggest mistakes she ever made in her life. Clyde and Keri at the beginning only have a relation because of Trina. Once Keri finished describing her past with Clyde she re-focuses her attention to praying for her child, and believing that everything will be okay.
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72 Hour Hold Summaries

It's a story to hold onto even as I wait for one that will illuminate my own mother. Jul 11, and Trina is returning back to the Weitz Center. I learned about bi-polar disorder without feeling like I was learning about bi-polar disorder.

Because of the subject matter though, I gave it another shot. We have to believe in love and risk our own emotional stability to show how far we will go. After watching her closely the entire night, the chapter ends with Keri waking up after an hour long nap to find Trina out of her bed onto the streets with the Crazy Man on the block from Chapter 1. She ends up dropping everything to proceed with the program.

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Please type in your email address in order to receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. In this novel of family and redemption, a mother struggles to save her eighteen-year-old daughter from the devastating consequences of mental illness by forcing her to deal with her bipolar disorder. New York Times best-selling author Bebe Moore Campbell draws on her own powerful emotions and African-American roots, showcasing her best writing yet. Trina suffers from bipolar disorder, making her paranoid, wild, and violent. Watching her child turn into a bizarre stranger, Keri searches for assistance through normal channels.


Campbell's work brings forth awareness because it holds a mirror to society's sometimes judgmental and condemning face. Are there any unforgivable acts between a mother and daughter. Like this: Like Loading. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of 72 Hour Hold This piece of fiction addresses the need for families to huor that people do in fact live with mental illness.

We learn that Clyde and Keri had another baby son who died at a very young age named: Clyde Jr. We will send you an email as soon as this hpur is available. Joaquin Phoenix: The "60 Minutes" interview Anderson Cooper gets the actor to open up about his childhood, his nervousness on set and how he felt about his "Joker" character. Great novel about a mother's response to her adult daughter's mental illness.

Campbell uses the cost of the program to signify the level of risk we are willing to take for someone we care for. We won't suummary have to hide and run and do our work in the dark. It is very evident that Trina still feels forced to being in rehab during the court meeting? The plot is engrossing, and the characters are well-drawn?

Best part of story, including ending: I like that Keri leaned on faith to bring her houd the pain of watching her daughter self-destruct. She places emphasis on words and syllables that should not have been emphasized. A: I have both gay and mentally ill loved ones. Summary In the book 72 Hour Hold, is about a woman named Keri.


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    Rate this book. Keri Whitmore wishes that her daughter's bipolar disorder would merely lift, leaving Trini as the bright and beautiful young girl she once was. But Trini's malady is escalating, not receding, endangering her college prospects and terrorizing those around her. 😝

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    72 Hour Hold by Bebe Moore Campbell . the Comeback Choir; What You Owe Me, which was also a Los Angeles Times Best Book of ; and 72 Hour Hold.

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    Hole I think any mother would have been justified in walking away from an abusive daughter. But there are some good medications, some good psychotherapy that can help control them. To still love someone without knowing if they love you back is harder. Very touching and revealing story about dealing with loved ones and mental illness.

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