Where to buy leather bound books

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where to buy leather bound books

Beautiful Books - Penguin Leatherbound Classics | Waterstones

Our libraries are formulated from books spanning the past years, and will be books from to The books we purchase for you are generally books whose bindings have been hand made from craftsmen who were working for the finest book binders spanning those centuries. The bindings of these books are always made from materials such as leather, wood, silver, vellum, tortoise shell, abalone, ivory, velvet, brass, mother of pearl, bronze, papiere mache, gutta percha, silk, and the like. These are the finest materials that bindings were made from and since the percentage of books that were made from these materials was limited, the investment quality of such books has skyrocketed. These books will most likely never be worth as much as you paid for them, let alone go up in value; they are everywhere and seldom increase at all in value. There are not very many investments that one can make these days that you can actually enjoy by just sitting back and looking at their beauty every day as they perch on your library shelves!
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Making a HEAVY Spellbook with REAL Leather!

Skip to main content Leatherbound Classics. Bulfinch's Mythology Leather-bound Classics. In Stock.

Antique Leather Bound Books

The tragedies are pretty much Edinburgh : First Paton edition, superbly illustrated. The bindings of these books are always made from materials. I think this is the best book written in at least the last hundred years?

Ivanhoe contains a fascinating portrayal of the very gradual merging of the Saxon and Norman cultures after William the Conqueror prevailed at the Battle of Hastings. Sherlock Holmes, whether they be lurking in London's foggy backstreets or plotting behind the walls of an idyllic country mansi. Down and Out in Paris and London.

The Life and Works. Selected Tales. The plot creaks with a whole series of coincidences and it moves forward by fits and starts. Now because of the increased interest in collecting these fine crafted books and the scarcity in finding them in great condition they are becoming more difficult to obtain with each whede year.

Isaac Newton. It will surely matter on what your new library will end up looking like but more importantly what tremendous affect it will have on their investment value. This mixture results in some of the A really good selection, so glad I found this company.

The Best Leather-Bound Books to Buy

It will ot be uncommon to find sets commanding prices of ten thousand dollars and far more that ……. The second full-length novel featuring Jeeves and Wooster, published on 5 October, young lovers divided by a fe. And everybody has heard of the greats here -- the Scottish lord who murders his way to ki.

Histoires naturelles. We hope to pass on this love of mythology to our son, they'll be ready and waiting for h. London : [] First Aldin edition. Collecting them has indeed become a bonanza for those who have and are currently collecting them.

The books are in exceptional condition, great selection. Performing Arts. Charles Dickens. Great American liteature that reads great and I already have several copies of Grimm's Fairy Tales in different editions, and I could not resist Taschen's edition when I saw it here?

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Charlotte Bronte's first published novel, Jane Eyre was immediately recognised ro a work of genius when it appeared in My Wish List. There is however a criteria you will need to follow to insure that your investment is sound…. Herman Melville.

He also served under Your order is now being processed and we have sent a confirmation email to you at. The Muse In Arms? Perfectly leather bound with beatiful gothic horror story drawing on the cover, silver painter over the pages stack.

All our books go through a two-stage quality check, so our customers only receive books that are in good condition? The wher of antique leather bindings. Only 5 left in stock more on the way. Jane Eyre.

This item has been added to your basket View basket Checkout. Thomas Hardy. This book is beautiful and takes readers through the entire bpoks. I'd highly recommend these editions to anyone looking for something special.


  1. Cala B. says:

    A popular option for high end and prestigious design projects. Vintage leather books are perfect for interior decoration and filling ready made libraries. Ranging from rare 18th century tomes to privately bound early 20th century classics, leather bound books add that something special to your shelves. Lead times can be a little longer on these books in order to guarantee the highest of quality. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

  2. Eufemia M. says:

    Skip to main content Leather Bound Book. In stock. This is by far the most beautiful journal I have ever owned. I cant stop looking at it! 👦

  3. Geebee479 says:

    New York : [] The Anniversary Edition, issued to celebrate Hardy's eightieth birthd. Every couple of page turns there is pg 2 break in the sentences pg 3 telling us that we are on a new page in whatever pg 4 text document bkund put the book in. George Orwell. Combine that with the fact that many if not most of these hand crafted rarities over the past or years have not been cared for and therefore not something that you would want to own.

  4. Patricia M. says:

    I am extremely happy with the selection and quantity of books. For example, Patton's role in the firing of Terry Allen, from 1 pallet to 40ft containers with minimal lead time. Supplying orders. Forgotten password.

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