List of all kurt vonnegut books

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list of all kurt vonnegut books

Every Kurt Vonnegut Novel Ranked in Order of Relevance | Consequence of Sound

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Slaughterhouse-Five remains a staple of high school and college syllabi, but Vonnegut was known for so much more than this literary classic. In fact, his career as an author spanned more than five decades. Themes of greed and compassion converge in God Bless You, Mr. This book marks the first appearance of Kilgore Trout, the fictional science-fiction author modeled after Vonnegut himself. Kilgore Trout appears in this novel as well, this time as a primary character. Breakfast of Champions focuses on the interactions between Trout and Dwayne Hoover, a wealthy car dealer coping with mental illness.
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Top Ten Kurt Vonnegut Books

These books and novels are called classics in this generation, and in the ironic circumstance that since Kurt Vonnegut is a pacifist, he often writes about the pains of war, the sacrifices and idealisms of the people who were affected by the war. These are some types of genre that people are looking for, especially those readers that are looking for some action in the books that they are reading, and where they can connect with the characters of the book that is in their hand.

Kurt Vonnegut bibliography

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Kilgore Trout appears in this novel as well, this time as a primary character. September 3, pages vis. Every 2 weeks we send out an e-mail with Book Recommendations.

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Marc Leeds is the author of the indispensable new book, The Vonnegut Encyclopedia , a must-have for any fan of Kurt Vonnegut and his books. Leeds, co-founder and founding president of the Kurt Vonnegut Society, as well as a founding board member of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library in Indianapolis, picks 10 essential Vonnegut books.
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This blog was written by Rachel Kisken, one of our summer interns in Enjoy, and happy reading. Buy here! Vonnegut was inspired to work on this novel from what he observed on his job with General Electric. The novel looks at what happens to humanity as all jobs become automated.


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    Kurt Vonnegut was an American writer. In a career spanning over 50 years, Vonnegut published fourteen novels, three short story collections, five plays, and five works of non-fiction, with further collections being published after his death.

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