A simple plan book summary

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a simple plan book summary

A Simple Plan Summary and Analysis (like SparkNotes) | Free Book Notes

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A Simple Plan-Scott B Smith Book Review!

A Simple Plan: A Novel Summary & Study Guide

Want to discuss real-world problems, be usmmary in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists? Though their father specified that his sons visit his gravesite together each year on his birthday, which gets worse whenever Lou is around, Hank has little contact with Jacob. Deleting comment There's always a tense awkwardness between the tw.

When they have a private simp,e, Steve rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: everyone, so we are trapped in this downward spiral right along with them, Hank says. And Smith never flinches. Sep 28.

JUST suppose, for the sake of argument, that you found a crashed plane in the middle of nowhere containing nothing but a dead pilot and dollars 4. Would you at least entertain the possibility of hanging on to the money?
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But as I said these are little tests, how I wonder would I respond if the payoff was a lot bigger! The main characters are fairly complex. Chapters Three and Four. See where this is going. I hope to watch the movie tonight so I can summary get all of this Simple Plan stuff out of my system.

Hank Mitchell, his older brother Jacob and Jacob's friend Lou are riding together in Jacob's truck when a fox runs across the road in front of them. The truck ends up in a snow bank and Jacob's dog runs after the fox. The three men go after the dog and after hiking about a half hour, find an airplane that has crashed in the woods. Goaded into going inside to check on the pilot, Hank finds the pilot dead and a duffle bag filled with money. After some discussion, they agree that Hank will hold the money for six months and at the end of that time, if no one comes searching for it, they'll divide the money and each go their separate ways, richer than they'd ever imagined. Almost immediately they encounter the local law enforcement officer, Carl Jenkins, and Hank makes the impetuous decision not to turn the money in.


It wasn't until tonight that I saw it for the tragedy bolk was. This is one of those books where you genuinely can't stop reading and need to find out what is going on and how things are going to end. Smith's intricate invention of the dangers that multiply for Hank and his compatriots. LAW, where he won an Emmy in.

View a FREE sample. Think Lady Macbeth? If no one comes for the money, Hank agrees to split it then. Hank realizes Jacob may value his relationship with Lou more than with anything.

That I do not buy. However, the wind has been stirred, which I didn't fathom! Scott Smith had a little interest in violence. The last quarter of this book turned into a nightmare from which I could not pull myself away.

Hank and his brother, a thirty-year-old college graduate who married his college girlfriend Sarah, and there they come upon the wreckage of a small plane. It had been the wine that had allowed me to hope zimple earlier that eveni. Scott Smith is here to answer that question and he does so brilliantly. The novel is the first person account of Hank Mitchell.


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    The materials of Sam Raimi's "A Simple Plan" are not unfamiliar, but rarely is a film this skillful at drawing us, step by step, into the consequences of criminal action. The central character is Hank Mitchell Bill Paxton , who in a narration at the beginning gives us his father's formula for happiness: "A wife he loves. A decent job. Friends and neighbors that like and respect him. 💁

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