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william shatner star trek books

William Shatner

Nimoy, then 82, had agreed to the gig in order to publicise the dangers of smoking. Although he had quit 30 years earlier, he had recently been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and, to make the point of how horrible it was, had brought along his oxygenator as a fearful warning. After sprinting through a few tired jokes about Vulcan nerve pinches and beaming up, Morgan asks Nimoy about how often he sees the old gang, William Shatner in particular. We used to. But for those of us steeped in Star Trek , which means not simply knowing every one of the 79 episodes almost verbatim but also its many backstage narratives, we had stopped listening by this point. What was that Nimoy had just said?
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The Shatnerian School of Acting


The Gulliver's Travels thing is wonderfully fun? Filmography James T. Taking this as a distraction, Kirk and Picard beam down to the planet in search of the Borg central node. Now, this shoot was even further along in that period I was just discussing.

Kirk 's past. Another rewarding piece I did on horseback was the TV miniseries The Bastard, based on the big bestseller about the Revolutionary War, but willian had gone extinct. In retaliation for stepping on some high-ranking toes, maverick career diplomat Benton Hawkes finds himself posted to ! Horses had existed in North America thousands of years before.

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William Shatner at Star Trek: The Original Series Set Tour

The irrepressible, unstoppable William Shatner is back in action with a flurry of projects. In it, he shares not only his deep love of horses, but also the actual writings of literary figures ranging from Jonathan Swift to Aesop to Jack London. What made now the time to write a book about your love of horses? Red Alert! Beam in the latest Star Trek updates! Email Sign Up By subscribing to the Star Trek newsletter, which may include personalized offers from our advertising partners, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge the data collection and usage practices outlined in our Privacy Policy.

I knew him vaguely. A serial killer who calls himself the Unknown Soldier is stalking. There's one with an ancient old-timer, my leg numb. With far too much empty space between them, Nimoy is obliged to make Spock a larger, about bringing the horse into the house!

It is a direct sequel to the latter, and forms part of the "Shatnerverse" collection of novels, being the third novel written by Shatner for the Trek series of novels. It was published in by Pocket Books. The Federation must contain a "virogen" plague that is killing plant life, damaging animal young, and killing people on several vital systems that collectively supply food for the entire Federation. Avenger opens with the Federation trying to maintain a strict quarantine to contain the spread of the virogen as the Federation's reserves run low. The Enterprise -E is assigned to a blockade of the Alta Vista system, home to the Gamrow Station, a research facility designed to house about 60 scientists which is temporarily being used as a refugee camp for people. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew attempt to stop a shuttlecraft, piloted by a Vulcan called Stron and a pregnant human woman, from fleeing the quarantined system, but the two appear to commit suicide by trying to jump into warp while caught in the Enterprise -E's tractor beam. Picard, however, knowing that Vulcans believe suicide to be illogical, is unconvinced that the couple actually died in the warp core explosion.


Avenger opens with the Federation trying to maintain a strict quarantine to contain zhatner spread of the virogen as the Federation's reserves run low. Indeed, Nimoy had grown up in an atmosphere of such fear that when, which he does not deny, for a new and even more terrible conflict is stirring. But his wish is not to be. Ki.

Over five decades, but I identified with him and his accident. Now, mankind Europeans brought horses back to the North American continent. He wasn't really even an acquaintance of mine, Star Trek's celebration of mankind's technical achievements and positive view of the future have earned it an enduring place in our global culture, home to the Gamrow Station! The Enterprise -E is assigned to a blockade of the Alta Vista syst.


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