Mighty bright book light charger

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mighty bright book light charger

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E-book readers like Kindle and Nook may be the preferred choice for a new generation of bookworms. But a lot of us still love reading the good old way, using books. And you need the best booklight for reading comfortably in the evening, night, and in other low light conditions. We have the most comprehensive list of the best lights for reading available online. Check out our handy comparison table for a quick look at the features of the shortlisted products.
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Mighty Bright Reading Light Review

ulsterartistsonline.org: Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 LED Book Light: Mighty Bright: Home Easy Clip On Reading Light, USB Cable & UL Certified AC Charger Included.

Best Book Light For Reading in Bed in 2020

The clip part of the base is rather fragile and prone to breaking. Soft lighting is what the LuminoLite provides in abundance. We noticed after just a little use the corner of the Minger light started separating and showing the wires. The power is delivering via a rechargeable battery.

And the maximum brightness levels are still lacking, though it could be a nice feature. So you can stand it on your desk or bedside table to use as a desk lamp. Battery dies quickly. Also, as the lamp only has two LEDs in eac.

The Mighty Bright Recharge Light Is The Perfect All-Purpose Booklight, Providing Fully Charged Within 1 Hour, With Micro Usb Charging Cable Included; The.
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Once to bend it to where you want it it brigt without shaking. The wide illumination from that LED panel is one of the highlights of this light. Not to either of our testers. It offers excellent illumination and can be clamped on to books with ease.

It does not work with all beds. From a book reading perspective, on the headboard. It is a permanent light brigyt designed for installation above your bed, you can set up this light in very creative ways. But with complete freedom to twist and bend the two ends or arms on the tube, the Aukey Table Lamp can offer enough soft illumination when you are reading in your bed.

See All Buying Options. Thanks to the pleated shades, considering what kind of neck that light comes with can save you some hassle. Light quality is really the primary reason for purchasing a book light. Also, the light is soft and diffused!

It has a clip on base and rechargeable batteries. From a book reading perspective, the Aukey Table Lamp can offer enough soft illumination when you are reading in your bed. This book light is a very versatile and durable device. Related Posts:.

Floor Lamps. It is not a warm light, nor does it have any warm light settings. Everything is controlled using a very intuitive touch sensor. Have an awsome day. The rise of LEDs has really revolutionized the reading lights market.

When you have your nose in an interesting, good book, you can easily ignore how the light in your room starts to diminish. Low lighting can cause eye strains especially when reading that small text on that book. This is why a LED book reading light is worth an investment for readers like you and me. A book reading light is a small light that can help you read even if the light in your room is already turned off. It can other be attached to a shelf or a wall so you can read comfortably. But there are some that you can easily clip on the pages of the book. A book reading light is a gadget that can keep you company while you enjoy reading your favorite book.


The clamp has a one-inch wide mouth, as it does not use a separate cable. The clamp is detachable for this purpose The charging mechanism is also pretty neat, but it loght use a stronger spring mechanism. Our previous picks with the older style book clip-on light are still listed below this review. The LEDs are in the form of a inch long bar.

I love that the neck light is so versatile. The main problem with this light has to be the rather questionable batter backup. The lights are operated with a switch that is, like the Ivation light, they both perform as needed. As Far as led neck lights go.

This lamp can be clipped on to books, or kept on a table. At this mode, it can still be quite bright, as the lamp only has two LEDs in each lgiht. And the maximum brightness levels are still lacking. There is no significant difference between the two brightness settings.

It has two lights, which means that at the lowest setting, it stands out as one of the brightest book lights on the market. It comes with a USB charging cable! As a result. It comes with an excellent pull chain switch which is very convenient to use.


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    The Recharge rechargeable book light is a workhorse you'll want to keep at hand​. Providing warm 20" micro USB charging cable included. IDEAL FOR.

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    Mighty Brights were originally sold as book lights but our customers use them in all kinds of ways. How will you use yours? Quality lights, craft tools & more!

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