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Clifton was a finalist twice for the Pulitzer Prize for poetry. In , Lucille Sayles married Fred James Clifton, a professor of philosophy at the University at Buffalo , and a sculptor whose carvings depicted African faces. Lucille and her husband had six children together, which included four daughters Sidney, Fredrica, Gillian, and Alexia and two sons Channing and Graham. In , the Cliftons moved to Baltimore , Maryland. From to , she was Poet Laureate of the state of Maryland.
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Poetry Breaks: Lucille Clifton Reads "let there be new flowering"

The Book of Light

But those were the ones that had me wrapped up tight in the beat type rhythms of her poems. Other editions? She could write unflinchingly of personal hardship, including being lifht abused by her father when she was a girl and her struggles with cancer and kidney failure as an adult. Quotes from The Book of Light.

Her "two ghost fingers" and their activities became a theme in her poetry and other writings. The Pulitzer Prizes. This reminds me of a poet--I think it was Dean Young--saying that he doesn't like poetry readings and that poetry shouldn't og to be spoken aloud to come alive. Clifton, who had cancer.

Thank you, because we all have imperfect families. And, for instance, Mary Ellen. Philip Athans, the New York times best-selling author of Annihilation. Both of .

Some of the poems -- "climbing," "june 20," "if i should" -- boo taught visions of pain and memory that make me want to penetrate the surface of the words to better understand the sentiments taking refuge there, in some ways. It is as though somewhere along the line she figured out that the best defense was to come out swinging? Savoy, Eldridge M. The lucillf she uses this metaphor is oddly refreshing because it, waiting to be revealed and understood.

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It's exhilirating to be touched by words so deeply. This website explores how it does so! By using this site, you livht to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Griffin Harriet Legum Allyson R.

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There were times were I really felt a sense of passion, and power from her poems and a time where I was completely bored. She dabbles in some unknown events, making the reader do their research and enjoy the poem from a different standpoint. It was clear to me that Clifton had taken much time on her works as she intends for us to do as well. She spoke a lot about her family life and things of that nature. To me, she made it seem like nothing exciting was happening in her life. Or maybe there were some things that were exciting, but it did pop off in this section. But, while doing a little deep reading into her poems, it became clear that Clifton has forgone some mental and maybe even sexual abuse.


She includes a series of poems that feature lucilld conversation between Lucifer and God that is simply brillant. Add to Wishlist. Throughout Ms. She has since been nominated twice for the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry and has been honored as Maryland's Poet Laureate.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Her subject matter spanned large ethical questions like slavery and its legacy and more daily concerns like family and community. She draws from myth and B. Marielsa A.


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