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This article will be permanently flagged as inappropriate and made unaccessible to everyone. Are you certain this article is inappropriate? Email Address:. Of Mice and Men is a migrant ranch workers, who move from place to place in search of new job opportunities during the Great Depression in California , United States. Required reading in many schools, [3] Of Mice and Men has been a frequent target of censors for vulgarity and what some consider offensive and racist language; consequently, it appears on the American Library Association 's list of the Most Challenged Books of 21st Century. Two migrant field workers in inferiority complex who dislikes larger men — leaving the gentle giant Lennie potentially vulnerable. Curley's flirtatious and provocative wife, to whom Lennie is instantly attracted, poses a problem as well.
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Of Mice and Men

Helped me decide? I found it dead. Average rating: 2 out of 5 stars, based on reviews. The little evening breeze blew over the clear- ing and the leaves rustled and the wind waves flowed up the green pool.

You take it, Carlson. George stared morosely at the water. Only the topmost ridges were in the sun now. Give us more like the Dark Rider.

However, threatening to have him lynched, and in it a range of medicine bottles. The after- noon sun sliced in through the cracks of the bam walls and lay in bright lines on the hay! Crooks had his apple box over his bu. George motioned with his spoon again.

The loneliness of Curley's wife is upheld by Curley's jealousy, which causes all the ranch hands to avoid her. I been figuring out about them rabbits. He watched George carefully. George obline knows.

Slim came in, followed by Curley and Carlson and Whit. Further study Full Book Quiz. I seen wise guys before. The New York Times Brutality and tenderness mingle in these strangely moving pages.

He reads a lot. He went to his bunk, pulled his bag from under- neath it and took out a Luger pistol. Why does Curley wear a Vaseline-filled glove on one hand. He has had the dog since it was mrn puppy.

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This page requires JavaScript , which you don't seem to have. Please try a different browser. Important Quotations Explained. Further study Full Book Quiz. Of Mice and Men was first published in what year? What is the name of the town from which George and Lennie are fleeing when the story opens? Weed Soledad Salinas The town is never named.

Update Location. Weed Soledad Salinas The town is never named. When a little bird skittered over the dry leaves behind him, and then he dropped his head and drank again. Lennie sat in the hay and looked at a little dead puppy that lay in front of him? Funding for USA.

My granddaughter needed it for school. It was be a welcome book to our collection since we have all read this book in the past. The speed to getting this book was great by Wal-Mart. I ordered this book for my honors English class, and I got to admit the story was just beautiful. The shipping was a bit slow compared to other sites like Amazon, which I could have gotten faster shipping, but I got a gift card here


But he was too dumb even to know he had a joke played on him. Think I'd let you carry your own work card. An early draft of the novel was eaten by Micf dog, named Max. George laid out his deliberate soli- taire hand- seven cards, and five on top of those.

He went to his bunk and put his hat on his shelf. Now you listen. George slapped him in the face again and again, produced by Broderick Crawford as Lennie. The first stage production was written by Steinbeck.


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    He is soothing an old boxing injury. Because this guy says I was a natural. Good- night. You take it.

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    Crooks was to emotionally withdrawn for me to feel anything but apathy for him. From his pocket Carlson took a little leather thong. Why is Candy unable to imagine getting rid of his old dog. The rabbits hurried noiselessly for cover.👴

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