Essay on why i dislike my school

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essay on why i dislike my school

My Likes and Dislikes - School English Essay For Students -

Granted, not all students hate teachers, and you just might be that one in a million that they all love. I know this because my students hated me for many years. Some loathed me and begged their counselor to move them out of my class. They preach standards and testing and expectations. Students see no value in this. A brilliant principal I know once said that the culture of his school started changing when he and his staff stopped yelling at kids. They want a little freedom.
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Life Sucks - School.

It's not that I hate school, I just hate how time consuming and unnecessary and unfair some (multiple) aspects of it are. If anything, school is good. I've had (and.

School Things I Like/Dislike

The worst is when she starts lecturing us for not paying attention and getting bad grades. If you want to be a fun teacher and actually be productive in the minds of students, reread and adapt. Thanks for reading and contributing here at B or I. Feels bad.

Look them in the eyes. Let me know what you think. Anonymous, rising college freshman "What I liked most I liked that everything was straight forward.

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School is something that, here in America, we as students appreciate and try not to take for granted, as we know that others in different countries would go to extremes for the opportunity of receiving a good education. However, there are instances where students' suffer extreme stress, sleep deprivation and are mentally affected because of school. I asked 12 students what they liked and disliked most about school to analyze how most students in the environment around me truly felt about school. For example, I got very involved in my school's Latin club because I liked Latin, and I appreciated the activities we had and the opportunities. I also really loved the teachers I had during my high school experience — they were always there if I needed them and often went above and beyond their roles. I've had days where I have three or four back to back tests or projects, and that's always stressful. Teachers aren't so flexible in planning.


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    Add to Read List. I really hate school. And by hate, I mean that I experience rageful, loathsome, biblical-scale negative emotions when I think about it. ⛹️‍♀️

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