Jeremy rifkin animal rights essay

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jeremy rifkin animal rights essay

Discussing Jeremy Rifkin's Thoughts on Animal Rights: [Essay Example], words GradesFixer

Do you think we need to change the way we treat the animals around us? Or do you think Rifkin is wrong? Write a letter expressing your viewpoint to the editor of the newspaper. Also before cars were invented we used hourses and donkeys to get around and to transport things. Most people rely on dogs for protecton and safety so by them protecting you that is a big responsibility that we should be grateful for. Dear Editor, I agree with Rifkin that humans and animal are the same. Animals have feelings, experience stress, pain, excitement and even love just like humans.
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Are Humans More Valuable Than Animals?

“A Change of Heart About Animals”

Necessary Always Enabled? For example, the mama bird would not let its babies go hungry, In my opinion I agree with Mr. I agree with vidy because an animal is how they are because of how they are treated. Dear Editor.

What about fox hunting in the English countryside, show that over millions of animals are being tested each year and that also goes for the millions that are destined to be slaughtered and human consumption! Collins, bull fighting in Spain? I personally think that I agree and disagree with Jeremy Rifkin. Hide keremy total for assessment results.

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Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Jeremy Rifkin is a master of Rhetoric. Through his usage of modern events, along with presenting the state of animal rights as a progressive and natural course for people to take, creates an logically compelling argument for change- both in society and of the individual. It is logical, he argues, that all of mankind should strive and push forward such matters in an ongoing discovery and betterment of humans. This is shown by his using of ethos by stating several major food industries such as McDonalds and Burger King, as leaders in research of animal behaviors and mentality. These companies primary care about profit, but by maintaining the fact that these companies are actively pursuing research into such a topic, must signify something significant to the average audience reader that Rifkin is writing to. So Rifkin brings up the ethos of government, a higher and more prominent factor, to further persuade any naysayers to animal rights.


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    Jeremy Rifkin is a master of Rhetoric. By using all three branches of the persuasive technique (pathos, logos, and ethos), he is able to appeal to.

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