Vegan grain free bread recipe

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vegan grain free bread recipe

Gluten-free Vegan Bread Recipes

This yeast bread recipe is vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free, too. Similar to a rustic Italian or French bread loaf in taste and appearance but you can make a simple sandwich bread loaf as well. Very versatile! I totally meant to share it before easter but then LIFE happened. Well, of course there is!
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Published 22.06.2019

Vegan Gluten-Free Bread Recipe in The Bread Kitchen

Gluten Free Vegan Bread | Homemade, Yeast-Free, Egg-Free

I will have to keep trying. I froze the remaining garbanzo brine and it whipped up nicely for the next loaf. My only criticism, is that they were bigger, what was the amounts of psyllium and teff you put in. Hi Olivia.

All products are fresh. Kia Ora Judith. From the point I put it in, it never raised anymore. It did not rise.

These are sooooooo much better than I thought they would be. Thanks so much for trying so many of my keto recipes. Who knows if it will rise. I have this bread in my oven at the required temp.

Has anyone tried it in a bread-maker. Do you think the black chia seeds would work in this recipe. I made this bread and followed the ingredients to a T for the most part. I read the comments, the only thing I can think of is oven temp.

Vegan + Gluten Free Bread Recipe! NO Yeast! #kickstart2019

Faghedda bout it! Or so I thought…. And, similar to a pumpernickel bread made with rye flour, the nutritious buckwheat flour gives this loaf its darker color. All of the yumminess I expect from a classic sliced bread, but with no gluten, no eggs, no dairy, no oil, and no yeast involved in the recipe! After sharing my 3 easy gluten free bread recipes a few months ago, SO many people requested a gluten AND egg free bread recipe. So, after trying out recipes and some serious experimenting in the kitchen, I finally cracked the code! And, I discovered a few secrets to making truly delicious homemade bread—even without the gluten, eggs, and yeast….


I also love eggs but with a vegan husband I am inspired to create keto vegan recipes to share both. Thank you so much Cara, and thank you Cat for posting your tips. Can you send me ingredients. I had some chickpea liquid left from making a curry and searched for a vegan gluten free bread recipe and up popped your site.

We had a very hard time finding bread that tasted good and had none of her allergens in it? I froze the remaining garbanzo brine and it whipped up nicely for the next loaf. Hi MK. You have made my 10 year old such a happy girl.

Have been baking the gf vegan recipe of yours and the taste has turned out great. If you could message me back I wuld love to hear from you. I forgot to add the extra xanthan gum and it still turned out great. But my dough was I think a bit dry, Bead did try to make it wetter by adding water.

The bread looks delicious and I am having a hard time finding a bread that is vegan, gluten free and delicious. I think its the Cuisinart CBK I did it before Id gathered all the ingredients and it was flowing out of the container. When it is too fine and if you measure in cups, less precise than grams.


  1. Franco P. says:

    Please note that buckwheat flour is a must in this recipe! Thanks to YOU for giving this recipe a go. They taste amazing. Thank you so much x.😊

  2. Abigphoma says:

    Hi Cara, do you grin you could use this to make flatbread. Couple questions, just came across your blog and found this great gf bread recipe. Haha sorry i was on a plane responding and i overlooked the spelling error. 🤗

  3. Cherryl says:

    Remember my post a couple months ago about Aquafaba aka Garbanzo Bean Brine being used in place of eggs to make Meringue?? So, now its time to share it with you! Mix on high until stiff peaks form approximately minutes when using a stand mixer. 👨‍🔬

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