Best book for nclex pn

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best book for nclex pn

Best NCLEX Prep Books Quick Review & Comparison

This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. While you might have fabulous study groups and a pretty good grasp on the information being tested, there is still much to be gained from a proper NCLEX review book before testing. While there are so many of these review books that you can use to prepare for you exam, having an overview of your top options is a great way to start your NCLEX study plan. Looking for more? One thing that most student notice from the Saunders Comprehensive Review is the arrangement of the text in sections. Each of the sections is written in language that is easy to understand in simplified grammar.
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Published 21.06.2019

10 Best NCLEX Books In 2019

The Saunders NCLEX review book is a fantastic resource.

The 10 Best NCLEX Review Books [updated for 2019]

I had a horrible pharmacology and nutrition instructor, and they really didn't place much emphasis on drugs and nutrition once we got out of the class. Good Luck There are also plenty of practice questions to study with, as well as audio and graphic questions to prepare with. As a result, your stress level on the day of the NCLEX exam will be lower - allowing you to perform better and have a better chance of passing - all because you took a practice test from one of the best NCLEX books?

The questions are logically arranged in terms of difficulty. Happy New Year!. What is somewhat obvious is that having too much stress on the day of the NCLEX exam is not a good thing. In that regard, you will not be left hanging wondering how and where you got it wrong.

I hope this helps you. Feb 5, the practice questions are a bit on the easier side, nclez pagandeva? Unfortunately, we also felt that the rationales for the answers lacked depth at times and were vague. However.

It makes our list of the best NCLEX review books because it is the most updated review books in the market and contains a capable question bank that will help with exam preparations. All answers are properly explained for both correct and incorrect options, which helps students to be more conversant of the options given and how to approach each question. Adaptive learning engine refines your learning in real-time. It is useful to both nurses and students alike because of the wealth of information provided.

I will have a review course a few weeks after our grades are placed in, the grades are placed in March 1. There are no full-length practice exams to try out. It is useful to both nurses and students alike because of the wealth of information fkr. For people who have a previous edition.

This certainly helps you compartmentalize your thoughts so you can retain important information better. Because so many of the questions were content-focused and knowledge-based as I'll show you further downit was easy to get them wrong if you simply didn't know the answer. I practiced a large sample of questions from each book, trying my best to get each right. This is one of the most popular NCLEX review books and also provides so many practice content, both online and offline that help student understand answer choices.

Lippincott Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN.
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The Ultimate Prep List

Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. I will be completing my LPN course in three weeks, and want to know which book is best to purchase for the review. Currently, I have Mosby's and Saunders, but from what I have been reading here, they do not seem to be choice books. I will have a review course a few weeks after our grades are placed in, the grades are placed in March 1, , and I plan to take the NCLEX by the middle of April. I want to have my plan of study in place before I get out of here.


It is also worth mentioning that page style helps keep the user engaged. Kaplan also uses a Decision Tree strategy that assists students to sharpen their critical reasoning skills. Share on pinterest Pinterest. If you are not well-grounded on nursing concepts, you should get a more comprehensive NCLEX review book.

That means that you will be starting with easy questions and will encounter the more difficult ones as you steadily progress through the books. Combined with the assortment of quiz questions and audio format, there is also an additional segment for nursing management. The paper version could use a print upgrade. Comprehensive content Easy to understand language Useful test-taking boik and rationale for each question Extensive practice questions Engaging visual presentation.

The physical durability of the book could be nclsx Sale Mosby's Comprehensive Review of Nursing for the Furthermore, of them are in the alternate item format. The chapters are also well formatted and are set up according to the different systems or clinical areas.

The book has a companion CD where you can customize quizzes for more practice. Rationales for most of the answers provided are obok not clear enough to help understanding. Use the CD's for each book, just to get used to being in front of the computer for periods at a time. The companion CD includes practice tests and downloadable summaries of useful information.


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    These three books are the best in their categories: nursing knowledge, nursing judgment, and NCLEX practice. In this chart, I compare each book's thickness, number of pages, and number of practice questions both in-book and online. I practiced a large sample of questions from each book, trying my best to get each right. 🤦‍♀️

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