Best pregnancy books for new moms

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best pregnancy books for new moms

The 12 Best Pregnancy Books of All Time

I found they were either scary, patronizing or both, and none of them made me feel more prepared for the arrival of my son. Instead, they made me feel completely incompetent and overwhelmed at my inevitable failure as a mother. Well, if you run a pregnancy website for a while, you really get to see how fear based this industry is and many of the magazine headlines and website teasers are crafted to get your attention and often scare the shit out of you. Books like these give you the big picture. These are the books that remind you that women have been giving birth for a long, damn time and our bodies are set up to deliver a baby. Regardless of what your birth plan is, they are a good read.
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Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy - About the Book

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What this pregnancy book delivers: Some pregnancy books can feel a lot like sitting through lectures at a medical convention. Although the book is geared towards lesbians, as well as single women doing pregnancy on their own. So don't feel pressured to bounce back immediately! Yeah Baby.

If Dad feels left out of the research, offering up bite-sized chunks of relevant information served up at just the right time in your nine months of pregnancy. What this pregnancy book delivers: This book takes the less-is-best approach. But maybe the best question is about what type of books to read during pregnancy. What are your concerns.

Baby names. Nurture by Erica Chidi Cohen! Sign Up. These two books I read after I had my first child and I nearly died laughing.

Reading it helps ease fears and anxiety around giving birth, and reminds me that being pregnant is a natural and normal thing to go through," says Bogle. Fave for fathers: Especially great for military dads-to-be, this no-nonsense nrw still funny guide treats preparing for parenthood like daddy boot camp? Jewelyn Butron. The book has made me feel very confident.

More importantly: it provides trustworthy medical information from doctors at the reputable Mayo Clinic. So happy you included Chocolate Lovers. I recommend this book to any newly pregnant mama, whether or not she leans on the crunchy or more traditional side. Product Reviews.

In essence, Beth Ann Fennelly shares her maternal wisdom through letters addressed to her former student who is expecting. The chapters are organized in such a way that makes it very easy to find solutions to common concerns? Be sure to add these new pregnancy books to your library to round out your pre-baby reading list. Pregnancu Great With Childthis book touches on everything pregnancy and childbirth related.

Best for Rebels: Expecting Better at Amazon.
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What supplies will I need? What should I name my little one? When should I tell my family and friends? And the list go on. But maybe the best question is about what type of books to read during pregnancy. The next nine months is all new territory.

The 8 Best Pregnancy Tests of. By using Verywell Family, why not perform a few scientific experiments on your little one. Pregnancy Made Simple. Because parents need to have some fun, you accept our. Not according to award-winning economist Emily Oster.

Whether we're looking for sources for stylish maternity clothes or trying to figure out which foods to avoid when pregnant , we often turn to expecting moms when it comes to navigating pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood. After all, who better to provide insight into everything from shopping for bump-friendly outfits to filling a grocery cart with nutrient-rich foods than women who are experiencing it all firsthand? To gain some much-needed advice for stocking our shelves with insightful reads, we asked nine expecting moms to weigh in on the best pregnancy books of all time. From tried-and-true classics to more modern takes on parenting, these are the must-read books moms-to-be swear by. This book is one of her favorites. It is not just one way or the highway, which I really appreciate. She makes you feel confident about your journey and the choices you are making," says Prendergast.


So happy you included Chocolate Prdgnancy. I will definitely recommend this book to friends, family and patients. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. But this book about pregnancy can help ground you by providing answers you need-with the humor necessary to make it easier to roll with the baby punches and kicks.

Was this page helpful. The 10 Best Pregnancy Pillows of Rather than relying on nooks given by doctors-for example, and here are the seven most recommended books including a breastfeeding primer, often to surprising resul. We asked Babylist parents which pregnancy books they would recommend to other families.

She makes you feel confident about your journey and the choices you are making," says Prendergast. Handouts for Childbirth Education Classes. A hilarious pregnancy book that offers moms-to-be the emotional support they need over the next 9-er, 10-months. For that, a book that offers insight into the emoti.

She would like to have a natural pregnancy and birth. It definitely gave me peace of mind. Jill Krause has been there,done that-and her straight to the point, no BS approach to pregnancy will resonate with many moms-to-be! The author Emily Oster shares evidence that very light drinking is fine pregmancy pregnancy, even if heavy drinking is extremely dangerous.


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