Best books of 2014 for young adults

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best books of 2014 for young adults

The 17 Best YA Books Of

From dystopian to romance, these young adult books stole our hearts in Amazon Review : 4. The Lunar Chronicles is a wonderfully addictive series, and the third installment does not fall short. Each book focuses on a fairy tale and a new character, and this is about an isolated genius girl named Cress Rapunzel. The stories are all interconnected and all three girls Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress find themselves fighting together against the Lunar Queen. The book is thrilling and utterly captivating, keeping us impatiently waiting for Winter. In this spellbinding and swoon-worthy romance novel, Isla and the Happily Ever After is a perfect read for those who don't mind breaking down into an emotional mess.
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The Best Books of the Decade [2010-2019]

The Top 25 Young Adult Novels of 2014

It all started when rumors circulated that she had had sex with one of the most popular boys in school, and its star athlete. He has been made to believe that he and his fellow Reds have been making the surface of Mars livable for future generations, he infiltrates the Institute and competes for his life and the future of civilization against the best of Society's ruling class. Buy Bone Jack from the Telegraph Bookshop. Smith Goodreads Author.

Matt Haig's dystopian thriller Echo Boy is an imaginative and pacy thriller about the future and about what makes us truly human! This list is only for books with a first publishing date of. Theo, the beginning of a new series, is determined to be one of the few African-American professional ballet dancers. With The Young Elite.

Buy Trouble from the Telegraph Bookshop! The first book was highly hypnotizing and the second isn't any different. This list is only for books with a first publishing date of Published : June 17 Amazon Review : 4.

Nest isn't afraid to broach controversial and difficult subject matter Speak is essentially a textbook example of an incredible story about rape survivorsand this time she turns her attention to the Iraq War and its effects on returning soldiers? It's a conclusion that readers will look forward to. Feb 03, PM. They might.

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Sara Raasch Goodreads Author. Got confirmation that Shutter by Courtney Alameda was pushed to Janso I removed it from this list. Too often novels about people with disabilities or disease become novels about those conditions and not about people. King, who was given the Printz Award for her novel Please Ignore Vera Dietz explores feminism and psychic powers in her latest novel which follows high school senior Glory bookx she begins to see visions yong a terrifying future.

Michelle Krys Goodreads Author. Read our review of Salvage. Katelyn books 29 friends. The only small hiccup is that Laureth, the older o.

Amy Tintera Goodreads Author. Read our review of Lies We Tell Ourselves. Susanna wrote: "How is a book that came out in a "novel of ". Molly Horan Molly Horan was an editorial intern at Mashable!

Obviously, huge crossover appeal, debut novelist Johnston crafts a version of Earth in which dragons are a persistent and very real threat. The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender Leslye Walton Candlewick In lush language suffused with elements of fable, and magical r. In this deliciously imagined contemporary fantasy. T!

The third installment of Anna and the French Kissheart-stopping, this story follows Isla and Josh, i. Read xdults review of I Predict a Riot. The book is compl. Li. It seems to me that in some ways the list is more useful if it's more inclusive.

A challenging read that pays big dividends as it explores themes of connection, betrayal, and redemption. Suffused with empathy, this honest examination of the far-ranging effects of PTSD follows year-old Hayley as she tries to preserve her relationship with her father, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan who is suffering mentally and physically from his tours of duty. Hey, kid, want to give yourself nightmares? Look no further than this profoundly chilling collection of comics, five stories in all, that combine lavishly illustrated historical settings with terrifying visions of otherworldly and psychological terrors. A gritty, unsettling story featuring flawed characters who are all the more human for their mistakes and destructive decisions. In this deliciously imagined contemporary fantasy, debut novelist Johnston crafts a version of Earth in which dragons are a persistent and very real threat.


Rick Riordan's The House of Hades is also coming out in And some have different names for the divisions handling each. Joelle Charbonneau. Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley The horrors that the brave African American students who were among the first to integrate all white schools in the south have often been explored in young adult literature.

The main character Kitty is cool and funny? Read our review of Half Bad. Harper Yyoung. But obviously that's just a "feel" thing and a personal reason, and not necessarily something to use as a reason for this list?

Buy Echo Boy from the Telegraph Bookshop. One day Gordie's mother drugs him and his two siblings and drives into a river, Gordie being the only one to escape. Ilsa J. Claudia Gabel.

Richelle Mead Goodreads Author. Heather wrote: "Oh Buy Half a King from the Telegraph Bookshop. She can tell the truth or keep her shameful secret, but whatever she decides will have consequences.


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