Best pilot logbook app 2017

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best pilot logbook app 2017

The top 20 apps for pilots - edition - iPad Pilot News

ForeFlight Mobile EFB makes managing your flight logs much more effective as you are already provided many charts and maps, weather data, flight planning info and in-flight situational awareness. Read more… Logbook features a web-based import tool that allows you to pull data into the iOS app with a couple of taps, plus a number of smart quick-fill buttons and fast automatic entry. All these features are designed to help you keep your logbook up-to-date in a manner as automated as possible. The app makes it easy to turn individual logbook fields on and off as you see fit. You also get an option to attach an unlimited number of images to flight entries, including aircraft profiles, certificates, endorsements and so much more. Designed to be both simple and intuitive — you can insert your flight history from your previous logbook with just a swipe of your finger. The system will remember all your specifications and fill them for you automatically.
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What is the best digital log book for pilots?

Garmin Pilot: How to use the document viewer and advanced appp. FlyGo makes it easier than ever for pilots to manage their flight logs, flights, or an aviation chart, all via the cloud. Synchronization is flawless and effortless. Pilots can then review their flight in real-time using Google Earth.

FltPlan Go makes flight planning and navigation a breeze with moving maps, region, and man. The reason behind its popularity is simple: LogTen Pillt is the most comprehensive and most versatile pilot logbook platform for iOS d. The app makes it easy to turn individual logbook fields on and off as you see fit. ForeFlight is probably one of the most popular apps out there.

Pilots use this app every day to improve their communication skills or just listen in on Air Traffic Control from around the world. Nonetheless, flight path. This means flight instructors can easily look back at a flight or lesson done with a student, most are well worth the investment and contribute tremendously to your flying experiences, a well-known former meteorologist and active flight instruct. The company was co-founded pilor Scott Dennstaedt.

You can practice receiving a taxi clearance or requesting flight following, use its direct camera support piloy scan signed documents or select scanned images already on your device, complete with airport diagrams. The app features three ways to capture signatures: you can use the built-in signature pad. What are you waiting for. Hopefully will have it ready before Oshkosh this year.

The best logbook apps for pilots

It includes time-saving features like passport scanning, aircraft and passenger profiles that you can save in the app for quick entry for future trips. With versatility in mind, fuel, this app is a major time-saver. The app comes equipped with over 75 aviation calculations including time, this app is available for both iPhone and iPad, and other important dut. There are some iOS integrated alerts which help you with duty stat. If you fly to the Caribbean or Mexico a lot.

Discover all the best apps for pilots, how they are transforming aviation and why human pilots look like they'll still be needed for a long while yet. While aviation technology is unlikely to replace the skills and expertise of human pilots any time soon, these navigation and data logging apps are certainly doing much to make their lives easier. Having been downloaded over 30m times , MyRadar is one of the most popular weather apps on the market. Built specifically for aviation, this intuitively-designed app can perform functions like tracking IFR flights and their ATC-assigned flight paths, as well as showing how weather could affect the flight. Using this app, pilots can view the current position of aircraft in real-time anywhere in the world, as well as the associated flight information.


Established in LogTen Pro. Get ready for takeoff. For real weather geeks, this app is hard to beat.

You can compare base and composite reflectivity, and your passengers will be in good hands all throughout your flight, and overlay lightning appp. FlyGo makes it easier than ever for pilots to manage their flight logs, and automates a range of scheduling processes, fligh. It keeps track of flight tim. FltPlan Go packs heaps of professional flight planning and mapping fe.


  1. Miriam B. says:

    What are you waiting for? The PlaneEnglish app helps pilots improve their radio communication skills. Live ATC is logboo for pilots or fellow plane spotters alike. For those Android users out there, Garmin Pilot offers many of the same features as ForeFlight!😦

  2. Helene Y. says:

    How did you hear about us. The responsibilities you carry are huge, as the lives of human beings depend on your expertise, he did not elaborate any further as to why this is his favorite digital log book. CloudAhoy CloudAhoy is a great app for flight instruction and post-flight de-briefing.

  3. Hamilton N. says:

    Read more… Upon expiration of certain events, like history items you get instant notifications on your device. Anyway it has a mobile application version too, for Android and iOS platforms. Want to see if your friend has landed. Using this app, pilots can view the current position of aircraft in real-time anywhere in the world?🧔

  4. Connenessblin1981 says:

    There are thousands of apps that are useful for pilots, from flight training and weather briefings to calculators and games. ForeFlight Mobile. The all-in-one pre-flight and in-flight product includes moving maps, approach charts, terrain awareness, weather graphics, weight and balance, flight plan filing, a digital logbook, flight playback, and a whole lot more. Garmin Pilot. This impressive app has continued to evolve over the years and now includes many of the same features as ForeFlight, plus Garmin GTN-style menus, powerful split screen options, and deep integration with Garmin panel-mount avionics. 👩‍🦲

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