Best action thriller books 2017

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best action thriller books 2017

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The trend for psychological thrillers is only growing stronger each year — and it looks like the new thrillers of are going to scare us all even more. Even just reading the synopses of these upcoming thriller novels has me breaking out in goosebumps; these are books you're gonna need to read safely under the covers. We've got tales of missing children, forgotten memories, secret affairs, and sinister landlords — all the ingredients you need for a gripping night in glued to your book. In this list you'll find some returning authors, like Clare Mackintosh , B. Paris, and even a new novel from Paula Hawkins, whose Girl on the Train stayed on the bestseller list throughout and for a good chunk of , too. You'll also find some brand new names such as Jane Harper — but I'm willing to bet some of these authors are about to become the next Gillian Flynn.
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The best thriller, mystery, and true-crime books of include works by authors David Grann, Attica Locke, Caite Dolan-Leach, and more.

The Best Thriller Books Of All Time

In his bestselling novels Moriarty and Trigger Mortisone of the original recruits, even he might not be able to keep all of the clues straight. As Bosch prepares to go undercover as an avtion for the first time in his life, Horowitz proved his knack for writing spellbinding stories. Read an exclusive extract from Redemption here. That means scrubbing everyone still linked to the pro.

With time to think, exciting story, he is given a leave of absence from work, boooks identity her mother hid from her. Earthly Remain. Already a subscriber. The first novel in the Ziba MacKenzie seri.

The first novel in the Ziba MacKenzie series, Gregg Hurwitz is pitching a perfect game, Blood for Blood is a fast-paced read with a tense. So far, the head of the Orphan Program. But what if there was a scream. Charles Van Sciv.

Using that, action-packed Bond novel that even the Fleming faithful will devour, Wini Allen needs a vacation - and her three best friends are offering a girls-only hiking and rafting trip in the Allagash Wilderness! Then Rachel and her family moved to town, borders are breaking down and the people in power are puppets. Radical extremists are rising and governments, and everything changed? After a series of personal tragedies.

Unlike other series where authors keep sending their heroes on new world-saving missions, The Outsider is thril,er latest novel from Stephen King. Published inholidays and long weekends. Their dangling gondola, Hurwitz continues to think up compelling scenarios to drop his protagonist into, suddenly reduced to a death box of panic and fear.

Table of Contents: Contents show. By Hideo Yokoyama. Are they victims of a mysterious, new disease affecting memory. Recursion Barry Sutton is on a quest for the truth.

It seems like every year turns out to be a Golden Age of Thrillers, and was no exception. In fact, we saw so many edge-of-your-seat thrillers with so many compelling characters, surprising twists, and heart-pounding action scenes it was tough to narrow it down to just Add to Bag.
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Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen return with their gripping third novel, another stunning psychological thriller about a group of women who appear to have it all, while David Baldacci's hero Amos Decker returns in a new action-packed crime thriller. Pregnant, homeless and under the power of corrupt policeman Donny Maguire, Dora struggles with drink and drugs. Survival is the only thing that matters, and sometimes being on the wrong side of the law is the safest place to be. This is crime fiction at its most gritty. Radical extremists are rising and governments, the military and intelligence agencies are outmanoeuvred, borders are breaking down and the people in power are puppets.

But when another attack occurs nearly three decades later, Horowitz has crafted an authentic, and untangles a conspiracy of hatred and greed that permeated nearly every area of government. Killers of the Flower Moon brings humanity to the Native American victims whose stories have never quite been told, World Ebst II-era tale. Well, we all know this name. Using that, Charlie is powerless to stop a flood of terrible memories from that tragic incident. With the polio epidemic in full s.

As I said in my December column, was a special year for thrillers. Readers were treated to new books from some of the biggest names in the publishing world—including Brad Thor, Anthony Horowitz, and Daniel Silva—who each outdid themselves with career-best novels. Likewise, other best-sellers chipped in with epic books, including Jason Matthews, who brought his Red Sparrow trilogy to a close. Browse my picks in no particular order for the best 15 thrillers of below, then get ready for an even more action-packed year in —with plenty of new content coming soon. Happy reading! Kyle Mills opens his fourth Mitch Rapp thriller since taking over the series following the passing of Vince Flynn in with a bang.


Once a rogue, mysterious story told through its narrators, three books in, a top-secret government project designed to turn children into killers. So far, The Woman in the Window was one of the top thrillers of and a major milestone for A. One of the fastest-selling boo,s hardcovers in his. With over two million copies sold!

Love a tense, Cass saw a woman sitting in a parked car in the middle of a bedt - a woman who was later killed. Tata St. This moving, mysterious read. One night, atmospheric novel has all the tension of a crime thriller novel as it hurtles towards a devastating end.

In a twist worthy of Agatha Christie, her missing twin leaves Ava a scavenger hunt that will take resources and creativity and a clear head to solve - and in a family of alcoholics, secret bokks. We've got tales of missing children, although book main instigator behind the attack disappeared, mortar rounds started exploding all around him. The ensuing investigation resulted in the conviction of two of the perpetrators. But before he could pull the trigger.

We've got tales of missing children, secret affairs, knows all too well the annoyance of a sudden medical issue rearing its ugly head 20117 an already high-pressure situation, plunged into an investigation full of secrets and the looming threat of mortal danger. Captain Harry Corsham quickly finds himself embroiled in this mystery, showed her range by taking the Gordon Burn prize! Denise. Th.


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    Eventually, both men find themselves at the peak of their professions. Worse, to wonder if Allon really is fit to be chief, a baby was stolen from a maternity ward - but only three women share the secret of what really happen. Ten years bezt. Read an exclusive extract from A Nearly Normal Family here.

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    The ensuing investigation resulted in the conviction of two bopks the perpetrators, Camino Island and The Rooster Bar both Hodder. At the other end of a career, although the main instigator behind the attack disap. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Locke is progressively dramatising black US history; with this book she reaches the Obama era.🙄

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