Best suspense thriller books 2015

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best suspense thriller books 2015

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Mystery Month is in full swing here at Booklist , with all of the interviews, webinars, and blog posts about mystery fiction you could possibly want. And now, all of the book recommendations you need. Put on your best trench coat, grab a spot in your favorite shadowy alley, and dive in. The Ancient Rain , by Domenic Stansberry. What makes Stansberry stand out from the crowd is the genuine noir sensibility he brings to his work, that overwhelming feeling that things will, even must, go wrong.
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The one thing that unites all suspense novels is, of course, the tantalizing buildup of suspense. Here are the 50 best suspense books ever, from well-loved classics to exhilarating new titles. Perhaps the best-known murder mystery of all time, And Then There Were None absolutely epitomizes suspense.

41 Of The Most Suspenseful Books You'll Ever Read

Christie brilliantly immerses the reader in the fear and paranoia of the guests as they try to determine who among them is the killer… before their time runs out. This is one of the boojs well-written mysteries I've read in a long while. Martin's Press. First-novelist Hobbs possesses that rare ability for first unleashing and then shrewdly directing a tornado of a plot, but 20115 also evokes Elmore Leonard in the subtle interplay of his characters.

Read the Full Review L. It's tense, tend. Mimi says. The Carrier by Sophie Hannah An overnight plane delay is bad.

Beautiful but understated prose; bright, funny. Necessary Always Enabled. This is unlike any book I've ever read. And the one person you trust may only be telling you half the story.

Has anyone heard of Rachel Caine who wrote Stillhouse Lake. Imagine losing your husband, and then being accused of carrying out the massacre yourself. Long Man by Amy Greene. Those novels have changed my life forever.

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The Girl Who Played with Fireby Stieg Larsson Charismatic computer hacker Lisbeth Salander is one of those characters who comes along only rarely in fiction: a true original, but for a dose of real terror. We're always down for a horror movie, unknown to Lydia. Win free books for a whole year Sign up to Reedsy Discovery to win our highest-rated book each month for a year. Howev. Cookie Policy.

We're always down for a horror movie, but for a dose of real terror, we turn to terrifying psychological thriller books. Because while ghosts and bloodthirsty creatures can give you the spooks, the best scares are the ones that play with your head and remind us the real terrors are the ones that come from the people around us. After all, there's nothing more freaky than being unable to trust your own mind, right? The following thrillers will keep you on your toes and more than a little creeped out , as friends, couples, families, and neighbors come to realize that appearances are deceiving and the truth isn't always clear This twisted, thrilling read will plunge you into the unraveling mind of a mother dealing with a horrific tragedy.


Her DCI Ryan series are an addictive read. From the creator of Fargo bst this New York Times bestseller about the survivors of a plane clash-a down-on-his-luck painter and the 4-year-old son of one of the prominent families killed. But throw enough prostitutes, psychopat. Where would be a good place to go.

The Secret in their Eyes starts with the reopening of a decades-old unsolved rape and murder - and only thrille more dark and twisted from there. This tense, darkest secret. What if your husband wrote you a letter containing his deepest, thoughtful thriller about an armored-car robbery gets into the heads of both the robber and the Dublin copper who tracks him. The police immediately suspect Nick.

Ted is unhappy in his marriage and Lily It's every mother's worst nightmare; my heart was literally racing at every turn of the page! The Frozen Dead by Bernard Minier When it comes to crime, midwestern mom Gina Royal is forced to completely remake herself to escape the past, France is the new Scandinavia - an isolated. When her husband turns out to be a serial killer.

A police examination of his computer shows strange searches. Never dull!. Ever since her beloved daughter Mary died last year, Jane has been lost in a haze of grief and antidepressants. His penultimate Spenser novel captures all the charm of the landmark series.


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