Best louisiana crab boil recipe

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best louisiana crab boil recipe

How to throw a Cajun Seafood Boil Party | This Mama Cooks! On a Diet

Our summer tradition of having a Cajun Seafood Boil Party started when a coworker invited me to his Louisiana crawfish boil. It was so much fun! Dennis and his roommates bought pounds of crawfish, which they had flown into Denver from Louisiana. They kept the crawfish on ice in the bathtub along with a few lobsters some guests had brought with them. Preparation for his Cajun seafood boil party was simple.
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How to Boil Blue Crabs Louisiana Style.

Louisiana Crab Boil Recipe

This crab boil is so easy to make. Pixabay The cooked ingredients are usually strewn over a large table covered with butcher paper or newspaper, with bowls to toss the shells. Your email address will not be published. For your Shrimp, wash them off really good in cool water if they are fresh.

Turn off the heat. So we just drank more beer to cool off and had a great time. Cooking crabs isn't hard. Have a great Sunday, Kim.

Cover, this crb feast to enjoy with your hands. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Thank you for the lovely compliment. Other than mallets to crack the crab shells, and simmer until lobster is opaque and sausage is cooked through if not precooked - about 5 minutes.

Thank you for the lovely compliment. Now the frab begins. Now add the corn, cooking for 10 minutes. My husband has been boiling and cooking seafood since he was a young boy growing up on the Bayou in South Louisiana.

Total Time: 1 Hour. Thank you, Sarah. Just in time for summer. Have a great day, Kim.

Now add the corn, cooking for 10 minutes. We personally prefer Louisiana Crab Boil seasoning for our crab boils, but you can use your favorite seasoning. Email Address. Getting messy is part of the experience.

Directions: Combine water, corn, potatoes, onions, garlic, celery, green peppers.
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Propane burners and stovetop boiling pots are firing up as crab season ushers in on the tail end of crawfish season. Fat blue crabs they turn red when boiled are salty and sweet when boiled to perfection. A backyard crab boil is always a sign of summer in Louisiana, and firing up the propane burners is the call to friends and neighbors that a party is underway. Boiling fresh blues in a spicy cauldron of seasoned water is not just for home cooks, but many Acadiana restaurants specialize in the dish as well. Frank Randol outside his Cajun restaurant in Lafayette, Louisiana. Photo credit: Ed Lallo. He is a smart, talented entrepreneur with a knack for finding opportunity.

And something to reflect my heritage. A bucket of blues. Low Country Boils are the perfect way to kick off Summer fun, but we actually do them all year round, is a social gathering steeped in tradition! You can also try an Asian or ethnic market with a fresh seafood section. The fiery communal fea.

Seafood boil, shrimp boil and crawfish boil are my favorite summer recipes. I love seafood, especially when they are coated with a spicy butter sauce with homemade seasonings. This is the best and ultimate recipe just like New Orleans Louisiana, with a Cajun sauce that is fiery and addictive. This easy recipe took me only 30 minutes from start to finish. Yes, you sure can. This meal is best served with a crusty bread. French fries or sweet potato fries also goes well with it.


This post is sponsored by Princess Cruises. Louisiana blue crabs turn bright red when boiled. I love blue crabs and have tried it steamed when I lived in Missouri. Craab off the heat.

Frank Randol outside his Cajun restaurant in Lafayette, Louisiana. Make sure to grab lots of paper towels and your favorite beverage louiisana sitting down to eat your Crabs. Vitamin C Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


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