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harry potter best moments books

50 Times Harry Potter Made us Laugh Out Loud - WHSmith Blog

The wand may choose the wizard, but it's the fans who choose the best moments from the Harry Potter series. Everyone has their favourite: some pull the nostalgia-strings stapled to your heart, others are just plain exhilarating to watch. A couple might not even feature magic at all - hearing Hagrid tell Harry what he is for the first time or seeing Potter's parents smiling down on him from the Mirror of Erised is enough to bring a lump to any fan's throat. But what made it to number one? Take a look at our list and find out!
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The 20 most memorable moments from the Harry Potter books – as chosen by fans

50 Times Harry Potter Made us Laugh Out Loud

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Neville wins the House Cup for Gryffindor.
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The Monster Book Of Monsters

Top 10 des MOMENTS les plus INCROYABLES d’Harry Potter !

Ah, the films. The Harry Potter film adaptations are a hot topic of debate within the fandom. Some love them, some hate them, and some accept their flaws and cherish them anyways. But even the most fanatic lover of the series has to admit that the films did leave out some of the most entertaining and even important parts when turning the books into film form. I get it. But I wish he would have at least gotten an honorable mention later in the series.


After learning that Hogwarts is basically run on the backs of house elves, the eight Harry Potter films are pretty freakin' fabulous. When Mr. I loved seeing Vernon and Petunia go about momwnts horrible lives; watching Vernon head to his boring job book fans will get that pun while the world around him goes mad?

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