Best way to store comic books at home

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best way to store comic books at home

Proper Comic Book Storage: Keeping Comics in Mint Condition

But how can one possibly be expected to amass a library of anything without it turning critical and exploding outward in an enormous mess? How can we be orderly and nerdy, all without breaking the bank? Well good news. I, the reasonably priced Scandinavian furniture solution that is John Galati, have come to you flat-packed and ready to help with all your paper archiving needs. Read on! These are your entry level-solution to not keeping your collection in piles on the floor like an animal.
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ComiCase - A Revolutionary New Comic Case System

Affordable Comic Book Storage Ideas For Your Home

It's important to preserve what you love. Each certified, slabbed comic should have a protective hologram and barcode. The downside is that using these things can be painful. This process involves getting comic sized slip bags and placing your comic inside them.

However, that is probably not the only value that you were thinking of. Yes No. I would say 3 or 4 short boxes or 2 or 3 long boxes would be safe. Limit one offer per household!

Create an account. Comic Flash Mailers. The proper storage of comic books is not complex. It looks like that narrow unit is turned at an angle to avoid a corner made by the walls the longer shelves are flush against.

Login to the Site Register Forgot Password. Select options. Log in Facebook Loading Hard shell cases are going to cost you a couple dollars apiece, if not more!

Things You'll Need Comics. Avoid Basements: Don't be tempted to put them underground; there are two types of basements: those that have flooded and those that will flood. Hard shell cases are going to cost you a couple dollars apiece, if not more. Trunks, can contribute to deterioration!

It's important to preserve what you love! As part of the research for the guide I organised my own collection. My husband and I live in a townhome and my comic boxes were starting to drive him crazy. Get creative, too.

The proper storage of comic books is not complex.
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The hobby of reading and collecting comics, check out the Robot 6 column, can consume a lot of space. If you nooks some inspiration or looking for a comic book storage solution that is a little bit different, Caching. It looks like that narrow unit is turned at an angle to avoid a corner made by the walls the longer shelves are flush against. Stora!

I buy the BCW binder bags and store 2 comics to a page in them with a board. Be sure to keep the comics in a location that will be accessible when you want to page through them. Use Acrylic Slipcases: If you want to keep your comics in prime real estate and right at hand, consider these acrylic magazine slipcases where you can display your favorites while keeping the dust off. Though if a comic is rare enough to be kept in a safety deposit box, you should really look into having that beauty certified and slabbed.

Before I started collecting comics i already had a fairly large book and manga collection 4 bookshelves worth and growing. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a qualifying affiliate commission. Can I lie them flat on top of each other or standing up. Yes No.

Maintaining the value and integrity of a comic book collection requires attention to the details of how you plan to store it. Vertically is better for the binding, if they are not slouching. Lock away ultra-valuable titles in safety deposit boxes. Footer New to Comic Book Herald.

They are purely a monetary investment, pages crisp and comic books separate. These help keep covers clean, exactly like a great work of art kept in a bank. Selling Comic Books When you're ready to finally sell your comic books after years of storage, we will pay you top dollar. Keep books out of sunlight and away from the elements. With a little effort you will no longer have piles upon piles of comics all over the house allowing for free space for other important things - like more comics.

But there are some simple steps every fan should take to store a comic book collection—to ensure it retains its value and can be enjoyed by the next generation. Whether obsessed with everything Wonder Woman for years or inspired more recently by movies to start collecting Iron Man, our tips from comic-store owners will help you preserve your assets. After all, some comics sell for thousands or even millions of dollars. Bags that protect comics come in different types of clear plastic including polyethylene, polypropylene and mylar. The type you choose may come down to preference and how much you are willing to spend. Again, this also may be a matter of preference, but Michael says he uses Silver Age for all his books, with the exception of Golden Age, which requires a larger format, but some collectors like the tighter fit of Current size so they will buy specific bag sizes.


And, if I am not mistaken, innovative shipping and storage supplies. Remember, you spent a lot of time and effort building your collection. Gemini Comic Supply is a family-owned and operated business committed to serving the comic book retail industry by providing high quality. The home of cheap ish furniture includes a collection perfect for comics: Kallax formerly Expedit.

Style: Shelving, those hinges might fail from use after only a few years mine started to turn to garbage after one move and two years of use, while consuming less space, a specially designed box of heavy cardboard? These comic book storage solutions aim to help store your collection in a manner that will be kept in great condition. As comiic of the research for the guide I organised my own collection. And if you buy a cheaper model.


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